Are you suffering and looking for solutions and support?

Have you been told that the only thing that can help you is to be on prescription drugs, and suffer their side-effects and high cost, for the rest of your life?
Have you been ignored by your doctor? Told that it's “all in your head”? Or that there's nothing else that can be done, or that you have failed treatment (as if it's treatment that's the important thing!)?

Being sick can be frustrating, lonely and scary!

And it's confusing. What's the right thing to do? The Internet has tons of information – lots of it good, but also lots of bad information. Let's be real, you're not in this to become a health expert, you want to get things taken care of and get back to your life.

That's why you need an expert on your side.

We are experts in working with people who have:
1. Gut problems (such as IBS, IBD – Crohn's and UC, GERD/Reflux and more)
2. Autoimmune diseases (such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and more)
3. “Difficult” cases (if you've seen 4-10 other doctors and can't get a diagnosis, feel that you've been written off, or have “failed” treatment)

Who We Are

We are a small but mighty Naturopathic (think natural & integrative) medical practice located in Redmond, WA that provides consultation and care for people struggling with health issues or for those who want to engage in prevention.

We consult with people all over the world, as far away as Qatar, Korea and Australia.

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How We Can Help You

Are you looking for:

To get better as quickly as possible?

Are you:

Ready, Willing, and Able to get started?

If you work with us you will be asked to make changes to what you eat and your lifestyle (exercise, sleep, stress and relationships), as well as take supplements (such as herbs and nutrients) and possibly pharmaceuticals (we use whatever works to help you get better).

You will be asked to make an investment of time, energy and money. Our focus is on providing value, building relationships, and improving lives.

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"For more than three years, Dr. Tim has been one of my trusted advisors and medical providers. He’s written some of the most popular articles for the Whole30 and Whole9 websites, has helped me with my own wellness initiatives, and is on my short list of advisors for Whole30-related health questions. If you are looking for an experienced practitioner who treats the whole body (not just symptoms) and truly understands that it starts with food, you need to work with Dr. Tim."
-Melissa Hartwig, New York Times bestselling author, It Starts With Food, co-creator of the Whole30 program

“I’ve been very fortunate to find such an excellent doctor as Dr. Gerstmar. He’s highly educated and very well-read. I’m impressed with how he manages to stay current with latest research and cutting-edge thinking on addressing the root causes rather than just the symptoms of illness. This allows him to handle even the most intricate cases, as well as not be dismissive of patients who have done extensive research on their own, after failing to be helped by the conventional medical approach. Great physicians are analytical problem solvers and true detectives, capable of considering dozens of variables, and multitude of root causes before settling on a course of treatment. Dr. Gerstmar is, undoubtedly, one of them. I would be remiss not to mention his bedside manner – he is a great communicator and listener, treating patients with utmost respect, kindness and compassion. “
Natalie K

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