Holistic medicine is not just for people! DrG talks to holistic vet Dr Richard Palmquist


In this weeks episode DrG talks with holistic vet Dr. Richard Palmquist


This discuss:
-Richard’s very conventional beginnings
-An amazing origin story – how Rick’s efforts to put an integrative practitioner out of practice led to his conversion
-How treating a German Shepherd caused Rick to faint
-The response of the drug reps when Rick started changing his practice
-It’s all community at every level
-What is chi (qi)?
-Medicine as gardening vs warfare
-How are regular vets and the profession of veterinary medicine in general responding to integrative medicine and practitioners?
-How pets and people often share the same diseases
-Building a healthier world for people and pets

Teaser:  Next time well discuss over-vaccination and titer levels in pets

-Follow Dr. Palmquist on Twitter – @DrRPalmquist
-Centinela Animal Hospital – www.LovAPet.com
-AHVMF (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation) – www.ahvmf.org
-Find a holistic vet (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) – www.ahvma.org
-Poetry at Medium.com
-Buy Dr. Palmquist’s poetry book – http://www.ahvmf.org/books

-Zoobiquity book – http://amzn.to/2kRjtDe

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