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4 Steps to Better Sleep: Improving your sleep environment

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No matter what you’re dealing with…

…whether it’s digestive issues…

…or autoimmunity…

…or just trying to feel good and stay healthy…

You can’t do it without enough high quality sleep.



Today most of us don’t have as much time for sleep as we should.

It’s important that we get somewhere between 7-9 hours of sleep at night, and that we focus on making that sleep the highest quality we can, especially if we don’t have 8 1/2 – 9 hours in bed.

While there are many issues that can contribute to trouble sleeping, one of the most common and easiest to fix is our sleep environment – our bedroom.

Let’s handle the four factors that can make our break your sleep
1. Light – We sleep best in darkness, and much more poorly in the light. Ideally get a pair of blackout curtains (really dark curtains that don’t let light through) to cover your windows. I’ve also had people improvise by taping aluminum foil over their windows to completely block out the light. And if you can’t make that work, get an eye mask that’s comfortable enough for you to sleep in.

Turn off the display on your alarm clock, TV, DVD player (and ideally get the TV out of your bedroom!) and any other electronics in your room or cover them. Turn out nightlights if at all possible.

The darker the room the more melatonin your body will produce and the better you will sleep. This is especially critical if you have a bright light like a street light or neon signs (or you’re sleeping during the day) shining in, but in general the darker you can make it, the better. I’ve seen cases of insomnia and poor sleep quality resolved by making the room pitch black

  1. Sound – I had a patient today tell me that the lovely sound of the birds chirping was waking her up at 4:30. Lovely to be serenaded by the birds, not so lovely for most of us at 4:30. Sound can definitely lead to broken sleep, trouble falling asleep and early waking.

I recommend using white noise. You can make white noise by turning a fan on in the room, or tuning a radio to static and keeping the volume low in the background. I personally like white noise machines like THIS ONE. It definitely does a great job of insulating the room from outside noises. If you can’t do white noise for some reason, and noise is a problem, wear ear plugs.


  1. Temperature – Being too hot or too cold makes it tough to sleep. You need to adjust the temperature to what is most comfortable for you. Most people sleep best with the temperature slightly cooler (but not cold). But adjust so it works for you.
  2. Comfort – I’ve cured a number of cases of insomnia by recommending mattress changes. If your bed gives you a back or neck ache or is uncomfortable to lay on, it’s going to make getting restful sleep hard. Get a new mattress, and in general I recommend getting a good one, after all you’re going to spend a lot of time on it over the years.

Different people prefer different types of mattress and there is no one best mattress that I’m aware of so if you prefer box springs, or memory foam or whatever go for it. If you’re sensitive to chemicals or have the money I recommend getting an organic mattress as conventional mattresses which are full of chemicals have made some people sick.


While these four fixes aren’t state of the art or exotic, sexy treatments, I recommend you start here before you go to sleeping pills either prescription or supplemental. Make sure the room is dark and quiet, the temperature is cozy for you to sleep in, and the bed you’re sleeping on is comfortable to lay on. If all of those are good and you still have trouble sleeping, something more is going on.


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