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Dr. Tim Gerstmar

I’m Dr. Tim Gerstmar, the founder and one of the doctors here at Aspire Natural Health. I’m glad you’ve stopped by and are interested in all that natural medicine can unlock in your life.

So often, we travel winding roads to get here. I first went into medicine after my father had a severe stroke and I became one of his main caretakers for over a year.

That’s when I saw firsthand the ups and downs of the conventional medical system. I saw all the wonderful things this system was doing for my dad, but I also saw a lot of the system’s failures. So much of it just didn’t work.

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Dr. Gerstmar’s Affiliations:

  • Dr. Gerstmar is a member of the Affiliate Clinical Faculty of The School of Naturopathic Medicine of Bastyr University
  • Dr. Gerstmar has been honored to work with patients with the GAPS diet for the past 8 years and is officially certified by Dr. Natasha McBride-Campbell as a Certified GAPS practitioner.

Other Highlights:


Loralei Hallet

Concierge & Front Desk Maestro

It's an honor to be part of the team here at Aspire Natural Health. I got my degree in community social work from the University of Gloucester, England but I also love using my entrepreneurial spirit as well as my own experience with natural medicine to welcome our patients to the ANH family. I make sure each patient feels acclimated and ready for a life-changing experience here with our care team.

Growing up in the British public school system as a pediatric stroke survivor, I had the opportunity to develop friendships with others who were also experiencing health challenges. Also as a result of my health issues, my eyes were opened very early on in life to all that naturopathic medicine has to offer. Now I get to share this gift with our patients every day as I welcome them to our practice. Outside of my work at ANH, I love health and fitness and spending time with my husband and our two sets of twins (yes, two sets of twins!). I hope we'll get to meet each other soon!


Jim Dosch

Health Coach

Jim has a Health Coach (HC) certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and continuing education through The Institute for Functional Medicine. He completed their "Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice" (AFMCP) coursework.

Jim began coaching holistic lifestyle change while at working at Microsoft in 2003 well before the role of Health Coach existed as we know it today. In 2003 he engineered his own personal health transformation. He overcame burnout, obesity, discouragement, and sickness and lead his team to do the same. Seeking to continue health coaching professionally Jim completed his Health Coach certification in 2011 and left Microsoft to found a company called Better Health Vision with a mission to assist others in transformative long-term change. Jim's 6 years of formal coaching enable him to work with a diverse set of people and circumstances. Helping people reach their goals today and preparing them for the health journey in their future.

Jim is a lifelong student of holistic health and fitness. He takes the opportunity to speak publicly periodically and authors content on holistic health topics. He enjoys running, hiking, playing golf, basketball and racquetball. He is a believer in the need for personal development and transformation.


Our Approach

We're an experienced and effective naturopathic medical practice providing customized solutions for people struggling to find answers.

We practice patient-focused medicine and help people recover their health and their lives. Our goal is to restore joy, health, and well-being to people's lives through human-centered medicine. We want you to Get Well. Stay Well. Live Well.

How do we do this?

  1. We care about our patients and spend the time to really get to know them. From our introductory phone chat to relevant, reader-friendly emails to make sure you're in the know (even before your first appointment), our care team will know you as a person.
  2. We create long-term relationships and work as a team. Each of us on staff here at ANH fills a key role on your health care team.
  3. We teach, empower, and guide our patients.You won't be left on your own between appointments. Our health coaches provide accountability, practical know-how, and expertise to take your health from a plan to a sustainable reality. Call us anytime you need us.
  4. We value logical solutions, thorough inquiries into your health. You'll notice right away that we do lots of testing! It's a whole new way of practicing medicine than you're probably used to. Conventional doctors simply can't afford to order many of these key tests, nor would they understand how to interpret the results. But we want our plan to be completely customized to your needs, and to do that, we need a rock-solid baseline to start from.
  5. We begin with diet, lifestyle and natural therapies. We move on to conventional drugs only if necessary.

    Your past doctors probably tried to fix you, like a mechanic fixes a car. They'd been taught to simply make your symptoms go away and replace any broken parts that weren't working. Meanwhile most prescription drugs force different biochemical pathways to over or under perform.

    Here at ANH, our goal is to restore your health. Its why we use natural therapies like nutrition and lifestyle redesign, vitamins and supplements, minerals, and herbal medicines. These therapies modulate instead of force, nudging the body to return to it's natural, healthy state.

    We do use conventional drugs and consider them a valuable part of the medical "toolkit." But we never JUST use drugs. They have their place, but only as part of a comprehensive plan to make the body healthy again.

  6. We're always looking to improve, and we never give up.We're here for you.

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"Before I saw Dr Gerstmar I had been following the GAPS diet, but unfortunately after a year and a half I found things were getting worse for me, instead of better. Dr Gerstmar was very helpful in helping me get my digestion and my health back on track. He zeroed in on the problem right away, was knowledgeable and friendly and helped lay out logical and reasonable treatment plans that have me feeling so much better and back to recovering my health. I would happily recommend anyone having digestive troubles seek out Dr Gerstmar for care."