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Dr. Tim Gerstmar

Dr. Gerstmar (everyone calls him DrG) has spent the past 10 years specializing in helping people with digestive and autoimmune issues.

After his father suffered a severe stroke and DrG became one of his main caretakers, he began voraciously studying medicine, learning about the best of both conventional and natural treatments. He went on to graduate from the most prestigious naturopathic medical school in the world, Bastyr University.

DrG has spoken for audiences both nationally and internationally, and is a member of the Affiliate Clinical Faculty of The School of Naturopathic Medicine of Bastyr University where he helps to train and mentor senior medical students to practice as doctors.

A big sci-fi and fantasy nerd, DrG and his wife live in the Seattle area with their two children, one dog, and three cats.

A few of the things DrG likes:
Food: Great BBQ
Vacation: His family trip around Oregon to see the 2017 full solar eclipse
TV Show: Firefly (cancelled way too soon!)
Movie: The Princess Bride (“You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”)
Band / Group: Nirvana
Book: An Epidemic of Absence (health); Stephen King’s Dark Tower series (fiction)
Game: Dark Tower (an epic, hard-to-find 1982 board game),  Dungeons & Dragons and role-playing games
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, RPG’s, archery, gardening, spending time with family & friends


Loralei Hallet

Concierge & Front Desk Maestro

Loralei is one of the friendliest people you’ll meet, and one of her favorite things in life is meeting new people and making new friends.

DrG hand-picked Loralei to join the team after she came to the office with a Myers-Briggs profile and a strength analysis showing why she’d be a perfect addition to the practice.

Loralei had a stroke at 8 years old after suffering a traumatic brain injury and grew up in England to the age of 21. She, her husband and four kids ran an organic farm until an unfortunate series of events, including a house contaminated with toxic mold forced them to close their farm.

Loralei is the warm and welcoming voice on the phone, and if you stop by the office she’ll offer you a cup of tea and a friendly ear.

A few of the things Loralei likes:

Place: Anywhere - laughing with friends
Movies and TV shows: 300, Central Intelligence and documentaries
Food: Steak with butter...YUM!
Restaurant: Any Brazilian Steakhouse
Stuff outside: Crossfit and hiking
Quote: "You were born with the ability to change someone's life. Don't ever waste it" -unknown
Books: Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson, and Unstoppable by Christine Caine
Groups: Maroon 5
Hobbies: “I’ve got to say that one of my hobbies has to be my two sets of twins...they are both under 10 right now and hectic and FUN little people. ( DID read that right...TWO sets of twins!) Eating has to be another fave of mine! lol! (Nom nom!) I also LOVE hiking on my own, going where I want to go and seeing how far I can hike whilst listening to fun music. Above all, I am a real extrovert and love spending time with people.”


Jim Dosch

Health Coach

Handpicked by DrG, Jim has earned a reputation as one of the finest health coaches in the Pacific Northwest, working with a wide variety of clients over the past eight years.

After helping himself and his team recover from burnout, discouragement, sickness and weight issues, Jim left Microsoft to become a health coach. Jim graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and has gone on to do extensive continuing education including working with the Institute for Functional Medicine to become an expert health coach.

Jim works alongside DrG with a proven track record of helping people with digestive and autoimmune issues get better results much faster.

A few of the things Jim likes:

Food: Ethnic food of all kinds

Holiday: Christmas

City: Scottsdale, AZ

TV show: “The Good Doctor”
Film: Gladiator, but have many favorites, like sci-fi, animation, and inspiring true stories.

Book: It’s a list, not one book, just ask him for recommendations!

Sports: Racquetball

Hobbies: Reading, writing, speaking, hiking, camping, golf, racquetball, snorkeling or scuba diving, movies.


Our Approach

We're an experienced and effective naturopathic medical practice providing customized solutions for people struggling to find answers.

We practice patient-focused medicine and help people recover their health and their lives. Our goal is to restore joy, health, and well-being to people's lives through human-centered medicine. We want you to Get Well. Stay Well. Live Well.

How do we do this?

  1. We care about our patients and spend the time to really get to know them. From our introductory phone chat to relevant, reader-friendly emails to make sure you're in the know (even before your first appointment), our care team will know you as a person.
  2. We create long-term relationships and work as a team. Each of us on staff here at ANH fills a key role on your health care team.
  3. We teach, empower, and guide our patients.You won't be left on your own between appointments. Our health coaches provide accountability, practical know-how, and expertise to take your health from a plan to a sustainable reality. Call us anytime you need us.
  4. We value logical solutions, thorough inquiries into your health. You'll notice right away that we do lots of testing! It's a whole new way of practicing medicine than you're probably used to. Conventional doctors simply can't afford to order many of these key tests, nor would they understand how to interpret the results. But we want our plan to be completely customized to your needs, and to do that, we need a rock-solid baseline to start from.
  5. We begin with diet, lifestyle and natural therapies. We move on to conventional drugs only if necessary.

    Your past doctors probably tried to fix you, like a mechanic fixes a car. They'd been taught to simply make your symptoms go away and replace any broken parts that weren't working. Meanwhile most prescription drugs force different biochemical pathways to over or under perform.

    Here at ANH, our goal is to restore your health. Its why we use natural therapies like nutrition and lifestyle redesign, vitamins and supplements, minerals, and herbal medicines. These therapies modulate instead of force, nudging the body to return to it's natural, healthy state.

    We do use conventional drugs and consider them a valuable part of the medical "toolkit." But we never JUST use drugs. They have their place, but only as part of a comprehensive plan to make the body healthy again.

  6. We're always looking to improve, and we never give up.We're here for you.

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"Before I saw Dr Gerstmar I had been following the GAPS diet, but unfortunately after a year and a half I found things were getting worse for me, instead of better. Dr Gerstmar was very helpful in helping me get my digestion and my health back on track. He zeroed in on the problem right away, was knowledgeable and friendly and helped lay out logical and reasonable treatment plans that have me feeling so much better and back to recovering my health. I would happily recommend anyone having digestive troubles seek out Dr Gerstmar for care."