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Aftermath – Empty House

Note: This is a part of a series of posts about DrG’s parents, who both suffered from and ultimately passed away from serious health conditions – his mom from multiple myeloma, and his dad from complications from a severe stroke. Over the course of their illnesses, he put up these posts. DrG thought about removing them, but ultimately decided to leave them up in the hopes that they would help other people.



About 5 weeks ago we sorted my parents house into the small ‘take it with my dad’ pile, and the bigger ‘go to estate sale and/or donate’ pile.

This past weekend the estate company held the first of two estate sales to sell off the stuff left behind.

It’s still tough to say that, as a lot of those things were my moms and even though rationally I KNOW it’s not true, it still FEELS like some sort of betrayal or abandonment to get rid of her stuff.

I got pictures this evening of the mostly empty house, and I have to say it’s really tough to look at. This was where I grew up, and so many of my memories with my mom are.

And I think that’s how things go with grieving. Little things set you off. The ‘I need to call my mom…oh…’ or ‘My mom would like this…’ or ‘This was one of her favorites…’. And in this case, this was our home, and it’s not anymore.

And while I’ve known that intellectually for a couple of months, the emotions don’t pay much heed to the intellect, and then emotionally it just kind of smacks you in the face.

So now, I’m going to shut down the computer, and go snuggle with my cats and dogs (my son is in bed), and spend time with my wife catching up on Parks and Recreation (we’re new to the series but have been marathoning it and are now at the beginning of season 4).


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