ANH Vlog – Cheaper Alternatives to the Epipen

Link to video: ANH Vlog

The Epipen has skyrocketed in price lately, making it a severe strain for some families and unaffordable for others.

-What is an Epipen? Why do you use it?
-Three alternatives to paying full-price for an Epipen? Including a $10 alternative
-Pros & cons of the different options
-One thing you must do & one thing you absolutely shouldn’t do with an Epipen and it’s alternatives

UPDATE: Is there a way to make a $30 replacement for the $300 Epipen? These biohackers have come up with a way to do just that!

NOTE: I’m required to say this is for Educational Purposes Only. Anaphylaxis is a deadly situation that you don’t want to be messing around with.

But as a thought experiment, if someone couldn’t afford an Epipen or the generic and was going to use just a syringe and needle (cost about $10), I would recommend they put together this homemade auto-injector as having to do the injection yourself is tough to do. As discussed in my video above, this is something you’d want to check and reload each month to make sure it’s functional, and practice using it every 3 months or so (as you would do with the Epipen) to make sure you know what to do in an emergency.

Here’s the video on how the homemade auto-injector they call the “Epipencil”

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