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Are other supplements going to hurt my probiotics?

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In this Episode Dr. Gerstmar discusses:
-Do other supplements hurt probiotics?
-Why good is better than perfect
-Is it okay to take digestive enzymes with probiotics?
-Can I take antibiotics and probiotics together?
-Do herbal ‘antibiotics’ hurt probiotics?


Hey Folks,

It’s Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health. And in this quick video, I want to answer a couple of questions we get frequently here at Aspire Natural Health about mixing probiotics with other supplements or medications – like digestive enzymes, herbal antibiotics, and prescription antibiotics.

Before we get to those questions, I want to take just a moment to tell you about one of the most important mindsets you can have for your health, healing, and for life in general.

And that is…

Write this down…


Good is better than perfect

For many of us who are more type A personalities, the perfectionists, we don’t just want to do something, we want to do it perfectly.

However all of us perfectionists know that what this really translates to is, doing something ‘good enough’ while no where near as satisfying, means that it does get done.

When we shoot for doing something perfectly, it means that when it happens we’re pretty happy with it, but the reality is most of the time nothing happens – we don’t do the thing because we’re waiting to make it perfect, and that never happens.

Ok, so good is better than perfect, because when we just do it good enough and get it done, versus struggling to do it perfectly and often getting nothing done at all.

Let’s bring this concept back to taking supplements or medications.

We know taking things once a day is pretty easy and not a problem. When we go to two times a day dosing, most people are going to be able to do that most of the time. But when we start getting into three times a day, or four times a day dosing, or spacing between meals, or taking different things at different times, it gets a lot more challenging and a lot of people struggle.

So with that in mind, let’s talk about mixing probiotics with other supplements or medications.

The first question we get asked is, is it safe to mix my probiotics with digestive enzymes?

And the answer is yes. If you think about how we traditionally got our probiotics – through exposure to dirt and to fermented foods, both of these things had to pass through our own digestive juices to get into our guts. The probiotic bacteria we want are able to hold up to digestive enzymes, bile, and acid. So taking your probiotics with digestive enzymes is no big deal, especially if you’re taking them with food.

On to the second question, is it safe to mix my probiotics with prescription antibiotics?

And this is where we come back to good vs perfect.

Ideally you should separate your prescription antibiotics and probiotics as far apart from one another as you can, as the antibiotics will definitely kill off a chunk of the probiotics. So if you are taking a 1x a day antibiotic at breakfast, you’d want to take your probiotic at dinner. If you’re taking a 2x a day antibiotic at breakfast and dinner, you’d want to take your probiotic at lunch and around bedtime.

However, studies have shown that even taking them at the same time is beneficial. So while I do recommend staggering your doses to try and keep the probiotics away from the antibiotics, if that’s too challenging for someone, I’d rather see a person taking them together, than not taking the probiotics at all.

And our third question, is it safe to mix my probiotics with herbal antibiotics?

We often make use of herbal ‘antibiotics’ to treat dysbioses, or SIBO, and they work incredibly well in the majority of cases. Now there are a couple of myths out there, that herbs can’t hurt your good bacteria, that’s not true, and that herbs can’t create resistance to themselves in bacteria, and that is also NOT TRUE.

However, studies have shown that many of our herbal ‘antibiotics’ tend to affect the bad guys far more than the good guys, which is yet another reason we use herbs before going to the prescriptions.

So while I definitely encourage you to take your probiotics away from prescription antibiotics, I’m far more relaxed about separating the herbs and the probiotics.

In a perfect world, it would make sense to take your herbal antibiotics and your probiotics apart from one another, and if you do so you will probably see a small increase in the effectiveness of the probiotics, but for most people, it’s not worth the extra hassle.

So there you have it…

Do you need to worry about taking probiotics and digestive enzymes together? No.

Should you separate probiotics and prescription antibiotics? Yes. If at all possible, try to take them apart from one another. But if it comes down to taking them together or not taking them at all, please take them together and get some benefit from them.

And do you need to separate probiotics and herbal antibiotics? You will get some additional benefit from taking the probiotics away from the herbs, but for most people when we consider the hassle to benefit ratio, it’s just not worth it, and I regularly tell people to just go ahead and take them together with a meal, and we see that that works just fine.

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Until next time folks…take care!


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