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The Clear Path to Health

You want to feel good!  

The problem: Everyone is telling you to do something different.  

Most people are left confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  

But what if there were another way?  

A clear path to health!  

What began as Dr. Gerstmar’s journey to find help for his dad, has led him to over 10 years as a holistic and integrative doctor specializing in helping people with digestive issues and autoimmunity.  

By focusing on principles instead of tactics Dr. Gerstmar is able to provide a clear path to health - bringing clarity, guidance, and support to people suffering and looking to get and stay healthy.  

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this book: -Why we’ve ended up in this confusing mess, and why so many people aren’t getting the help they need from their doctors -What health is and why we get sick (now you’ll know! So you’ll know what to do about it) -The simple things you need to do to stay healthy (no special diets, routines, or gizmos necessary) -What holistic care looks like, whether it’s right for you, and how to find the right doctor to help you -And so much more…


“I’ve spoken alongside Dr. Gerstmar at the Ancestral Health Symposium and PaleoFx, and am pleased to see his voice more widely available to the world. You have in your hands the distillation of over 10 years of expert medical practice. Grab this book, read it, and better understand the simple steps you need to get and stay healthy.” --Robb Wolf 2X New York Times/WSJ Best Selling author of The Paleo Solution and Wired To Eat.

"Dr. Gerstmar looks beyond your collection of symptoms and sees you as a whole, complete person deserving of healthcare that truly supports your unique context. The Clear Path to Health provides you with the tools, motivation, and practical advice you need to adapt, heal, and thrive." --Melissa Hartwig Urban, Whole30 co-founder, New York Times best-selling author

"The Clear Path to Health brilliantly assembles ancestral health concepts in a way that is understandable and manageable for the consumer. Dr. Gerstmar speaks directly to the millions of people who find they don’t feel as good as they used to, or who got a troubling diagnosis from their doctor and are not content to simply treat the symptoms. The book is based on the newest scientific literature along with years of clinical practice, and is one of the best practical guides I’ve seen for taking charge of your own health." -- Dr. Tommy Wood BA, BM BCh, PhD

“Dr. Gerstmar's superpower is taking complex topics and making them simple to understand, including the chronic health issues we all face in today’s world. I love that this book is more of a step-by-step manual to health than a pie in the sky essay that I need a PHD to understand. I recommend it for regular people like me that want to get straight to the point and feel better. It’s the same reason I trust Dr. Gerstmar with my own health as my private clinician… he’s down to earth and gets results with his approach.” -- Jordan Reasoner, 

"The Clear Path to Health is just that—a no nonsense guide that shows you how to achieve the healthy body and mind you deserve. You spend a lot of time with yourself every single day, so you know yourself better than any doctor ever will. Dr. Gerstmar does a great job at teaching us how to heal our own unique situations—because there is no magic pill or a single one-size-fits-all approach. Armed with the information and strategies in The Clear Path to Health, you can get to the root of your health issues and solve them once and for all. This book cuts right through all the misconceptions, modern nonsense and medical misinformation we’re so used to hearing. The Clear Path to Health is going to help so many people find their own path to health and vitality." -- Tara Grant, author of The Hidden Plague: a Field Guide for Surviving and Overcoming Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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