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Conventional medicine is about fear, Alternative medicine is about guilt

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Medicine today engages in a lot of toxic behaviors. One of the worst I’ve found is that medicine provokes the emotions of fear and guilt in sick people.

Fear in conventional medicine, guilt in alternative medicine. Both emotions are very destructive, both are counterproductive to healing. Both have little place in medicine.

Things I typically hear from patients:

“My MD scared me to death.”


“My DC/ND/alternative practitioner made me feel like total cr*p, s/he told me it’s all my fault…”


“It’s my fault I got cancer. I never got over my dad’s death / my divorce / my angry inner child / I ate french fries, etc, etc, etc.”

I don’t think most practitioners consciously intend to make people afraid or guilty, they’re not bad practitioners, they just haven’t looked critically at what they’re doing.


Why fear?

I believe the conventional system is so wrapped up in fear is because:

  1. Genetics – the conventional system is fixated on genetics. Your genes are basically unchangeable (the conventional system hopes to change this with genetic engineering) and if you’re born with “bad” genetics then you are doomed. This doesn’t allow much room for your actions to play into your health. As one surgeon told me, his diabetes had absolutely nothing to do with his diet or lifestyle (both of which were very poor) it was all his genetics. The only thing he could do was take medications and learn to live with it.
  2. Serious conditions with serious consequences – Pain, disability, degeneration, organ failure, autoimmunity, cancer, death. Scary words. Many MD’s are regularly dealing with patients dealing with serious dysfunctions and serious consequences. Combine this with #3, and #4 below and fear becomes a prime motivator.
  3. Treatments that tend to have significant side effects – Most of what the conventional system has to offer are powerful medicines that have (hopefully) powerful good effects and unfortunately often powerful bad effects (“side effects”). Most people that I talk to would like to reduce the number of medications they are on or stop them all together.
  4. Lack of time with patients – I think this is probably one of the biggest reasons that fear is in such strong use in the conventional system. Most MD’s don’t have time in their schedules to spend time explaining things in depth to you, and so, again unconsciously, rely on fear to motivate patients. “Why should you do this?” “Because you’ll die if you don’t. Okay?” Hopefully they say it a little nicer than that, but for many patients, on an emotional level, that’s what they hear.


Why guilt?

I believe the alternative/Natural system is so wrapped up in guilt is because:

  1. Epigenetics – In Natural medicine we believe, as the science is coming to validate, that our environment (our actions plus the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual places that we live) affect the expression of our genes. So with the rare exceptions of true genetic diseases like Huntington’s disease, Cystic fibrosis and others, the VAST majority of diseases are not simply bad genetics but the result of our environment and our genetics. This means there is tremendous room for us to manipulate our genetics (and our health) by changing ourselves and our environment.
  2. Long standing complex problems – Most people come to Natural medicine practitioners after the conventional system has failed to help them. This means many people are coming to Natural providers with long standing complex problems. And like all of us they want a quick, easy, cheap fix. 99.9% of the time this isn’t going to happen. And so I believe most alternative practitioners, unconsciously fall back on guilt to help motivate patients by saying things like, “It’s taken you 20 years to get this sick, it’s going to take you at least a couple of years to get well again.”
  3. Diet & lifestyle changes – No one really wants to change their diet and lifestyles. For many of us it’s extremely hard to make these changes. We want the easy fixes so we can get on with our lives the way they are. And real alternative medicine says to you, the way you lived before helped you get to where you are now. If you want to be somewhere else (healthy) you have to live differently. This understandably makes people feel guilty, that they caused their problems. And thoughtless practitioners can reinforce or even heighten these feelings of guilt.

Fear and guilt impede healing. To heal in the fastest, easiest way, we each need to work through feelings of fear and guilt and release them.

Don’t be afraid, understand and be motivated. Understand that if you don’t take positive steps to improve your health that things will get worse for you.

Instead of being stuck in fear, understand that there are many things that you can do to improve your health and use the knowledge of what might happen to motivate you to make positive changes.

Don’t feel guilty, understand and be motivated.

Behaviors you engaged in in the past have likely contributed to the issues you are having now. You can’t go back in time and change them (if you can, let me know!) so make peace with them. Use that understanding to move forward and make the positive changes you can to improve your health.

If your practitioners (conventional or alternative) are toxic and pushing a lot of fear or guilt on you, find different ones. The course of your healing depends on being educated and motivated and having a good practitioner (or team) to guide you.

In our practice, the mantra is no blame, no guilt, no fear, but understanding, faith in the process and responsibility.


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