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Daily Links – Chlorine & Gut bacteria, Absolute & Relative Risk, Hormones & Fat Storage

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Here are my comments and the links to three interesting and informative articles.  I hope you enjoy.  Please feel welcome to leave comments/questions below!

Link #1
DrG – What does the chlorine in drinking water do to our gut bacteria?  “…variations of microbial structure and functions in raw (RW) and treated water (TW)…Microbial structure was significantly influenced by the treatment processes, shifting from Gammaproteobacteria and Betaproteobacteria in RW to Alphaproteobacteria in TW…protective functions, i.e. glutathione synthesis genes in ‘oxidative stress’ and ‘detoxification’ subsystems, significantly increased, revealing the surviving bacteria may have higher chlorine resistance. Similar results were also found in glutathione metabolism pathway, which identified the major reaction for glutathione synthesis and supported more genes for glutathione metabolism existed in TW.”  So, chlorinated drinking water while protecting us from many dangerous microorganisms likely changes the composition of our gut bacteria by causing “free radical” (oxidative stress) damage to our gut bacteria.  Those bacteria which can increase their protective mechanisms are able to survive.  The next questions is what affect does this change in gut bacteria have on our health?

Link #2
DrG – Absolute risk & relative risk.  What they are and why it’s important to know the difference.  Is a 50% reduction in (relative) risk a big deal or not?  Read this article by Michael Eades, MD to better evaluate medical/health claims.

Link #3
DrG – How do hormones affect fat storage?  “Men genetically store fat pretty evenly spread over the body, giving them a ‘banana shape’. Women naturally have a pear shape where fat is preferentially stored on the hips and legs. The natural figure of both genders is only altered in one way by hormones: cortisol centralizes fat storage [to the abdomen] and changes the fat storage pattern to an apple shape. Other hormones merely change the strength of cortisol’s effect. Hormones do not affect fat storage only on specific sites. They centralize or decentralize the entire body’s fat storage pattern.”  While not the main point of the article, the sections on the hormones (testosterone, estrogen, growth hormone, cortisol, progesterone, thyroid) and their effects on fat storage are worth reading.


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