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Daily Links – Exercise Timing, Caffeine & Skin Cancer, Blueberries vs breast cancer

Daily Links pic 530x530 - Daily Links - Exercise Timing, Caffeine & Skin Cancer, Blueberries vs breast cancer

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Here are my comments and the links to three interesting and informative articles.  I hope you enjoy.  Please feel welcome to leave comments/questions below!

Link #1
DrG – When should you exercise?  “The optimal time of day to train is not usually something that people think about. People train when it’s convenient, when they feel like it, when they can…There is a science to optimizing your training times. By carefully orchestrating your training schedule in accordance with your circadian rhythm, you will be stronger, faster and more powerful. After the training, you will recover better and gain more muscle. You will also increase your flexibility and reduce your chance of injuries…testosterone production is high at night and low during the day…Cortisol output is low at night, rapidly rises during awakening and then gradually decreases over the course of the day…The testosterone to cortisol ratio or the T/C ratio is commonly used as a marker of tissue anabolism [building] and a measure of overtraining…the T/C ratio is highest in the afternoon and evening…During this period, exercise causes the smallest increase in cortisol and the largest increase in testosterone…Regardless of whether hormones are related or not, muscle hypertrophy signalling is much higher in the afternoon than in the morning according to gene expression and cellular activation research…Much less contentious are the effects of your core body temperature….For the biological systems involved in high intensity physical exercise, the optimal temperature is relatively high. Core body temperature is low at night, rises quickly upon awakening and reaches a maximum in the evening…The optimal body temperature for strength training normally occurs in the late afternoon to early evening…Based on the circadian rhythm of your hormones, gene expression and your core body temperature, the best time to schedule your training sessions is usually between 14:30 and 20:30 h [2:30pm and 8:30pm]…If your sessions last longer than an hour, train a bit earlier. This advice is based on the assumption that you generally sleep when it’s dark and are awake when it’s light outside.  For those with an irregular sleep-wake cycle (read: students), it’s preferable to wait at least 6 hours after awakening before training. The optimal training time will then be closer to 20:30 h than 14:30 h.”

Link #2
DrG – Have you had basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer)?  Caffeine may help prevent a reoccurrence!  “Caffeine may repair skin damage induced by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between caffeine intake and incidence of basal cell (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)….Caffeine intake and consumption of coffee were estimated from food frequency questionnaires assessed in 1992, 1994, and 1996 among 1,325 randomly selected adult residents of a subtropical Australian community. All histologically confirmed tumours of BCC and SCC occurring between 1997 and 2007 were recorded…There was no association between total caffeine intake and incidence of BCC or SCC. Participants with prior skin cancers, however, had a 25 % lower risk of BCC if they were in the highest tertile of total caffeine intake (equivalent to daily consumption of four cups of regular coffee) compared with the lowest tertile…Among people with prior skin cancers, a relatively high caffeine intake may help prevent subsequent BCC development. However, caffeine intake appears not to influence the risk of SCC.”

Link #3
DrG – Blueberries versus breast cancer!  “Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) [triple negative means that the cancer cells no longer have receptors for estrogen, progesterone, or epidermal growth factors] comprises approximately 15% of breast cancers and is associated with a poor prognosis. Many patients with TNBC relapse quickly and commonly develop metastases [spreading to other tissues]. There are no individualized targeted adjuvant or induction treatments for TNBC, and the current treatments are highly toxic…We showed that mice fed a BB [blueberry powder enriched] diet had significantly smaller tumors, less ulceration, and significantly less metastasis…In BB-fed mice, serum levels of specific antiinflammatory cytokines [immune chemicals] were increased and specific cytokine expression was also altered. Together, these results suggest that blueberries may inhibit TNBC and TNBC-related metastasis by reducing inflammation…and thus reduce tumor growth and metastasis.


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