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Daily Links – Zinc & Weight Loss, Commentary on Vaccination, Selfish Gene Theory

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Here are my comments and the links to three interesting and informative articles.  I hope you enjoy.  Please feel welcome to leave comments/questions below!

Link #1
DrG – Could zinc help with weight loss? “…60 obese participants in the 18-45 age range for one month. The participants were randomly divided into the intervention group, who received 30 mg/d zinc gluconate, and the placebo group who received 30mg/d starch. Anthropometric measurements (body mass index (BMI), weight and waist circumference) were recorded before and at the end of study. Lipid profile biomarkers [“cholesterol”] and fasting blood glucose were determined…Results:…BMI and body weight was significantly decreased…Lipid profile biomarkers and fating blood glucose did not change significantly but triglyceride level was significantly decreased…in the intervention group. Conclusion: The obtained results indicate that zinc supplementation improves BMI, body weight, and triglyceride concentration without considerable effects on lipid profile and glucose level. Zinc can be suggested as a suitable supplementation therapy for obese people…”

Link #2
DrG – An interesting commentary and personal experience on childhood vaccination.  “I am the 70s child of a health nut. I wasn’t vaccinated. I was brought up on an incredibly healthy diet: no sugar til I was one, breastfed for over a year, organic homegrown vegetables, raw milk, no MSG, no additives, no aspartame…I had an outdoor lifestyle; I grew up next to a farm, walked everywhere, did sports and danced twice a week, drank plenty of water…But it just didn’t stop me getting childhood illnesses.  My two vaccinated children, on the other hand, have rarely been ill…I find myself wondering about the claim that complications from childhood illnesses are extremely rare but that “vaccine injuries” are rampant. If this is the case, I struggle to understand why I know far more people who have experienced complications from preventable childhood illnesses than I have EVER met with complications from vaccines…my personal experience prompts me to vaccinate my children and myself…If you think your child’s immune system is strong enough to fight off vaccine-preventable diseases, then it’s strong enough to fight off the tiny amounts of dead or weakened pathogens present in any of the vaccines…And lastly but most importantly for me – knowingly exposing your child to childhood illnesses is cruel; even without complications these diseases aren’t exactly pleasant.”

Link #3
DrG – In an interesting and long essay, we learn the selfish-gene idea is too simplistic.  “[The selfish gene is] This notion of the gene as the unit selected, and the organism as a kludged-up cart for carrying it through time, placed the gene smack at the centre of things…It’s a gorgeous story. Along with its beauty and other advantageous traits, it is amenable to maths and, at its core, wonderfully simple. It has inspired countless biologists and geneticists to plumb the gene’s wonders and do brilliant work…But as a new age and new tools reveal a more complicated genome, the selfish-gene is blinding us…is it time to find another story? It may be that the gene is always a player. But it is rarely the only player….‘evolution is not about single genes…It’s about genes working together.’”  An extensive discussion of the importance of genetic EXPRESSION over just genes.  If you’re interested, it’s worth a read.


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