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Disease is complicated

In a previous post we went over the 6 things that you need to do to be healthy (food, sleep, exercise, relationships, stress, connection/purpose), but are those 6 things enough to get back to being healthy if you are sick?


And that means that most of the time they should be your first step in getting healthy.

But often they aren’t enough.

Chronic disease has gotten a lot more complicated than it used to be.

One of the legends of my profession who practiced from the 1920’s till the 1970s was very vocal about the decline in people’s health following World War II. He said, it took from 3-5 times more work in the second part of his career to get people healthy than it took in the years before WWII.

One of my mentors who began practicing in the 1970s and still practices today says that diseases are appearing in people 20 years earlier than previously. Something that affected 60 year olds in the 1970s now affects 40 year olds.

Getting healthy isn’t as easy as it used to be.

In the “old days”, a few weeks or months focusing on the basics (food, sleep, exercise, relationships, stress) plus relatively simple herbal and physical medicines was enough to cure many ills.

Unfortunately we don’t live in the world anymore, and often that relatively simple treatment isn’t enough to restore health.

Let’s start with the basics, what if?

  1. You have major digestive problems that prevent you from properly digesting and absorbing even the most healthy food. Then eating well, won’t restore health.
  2. You have problems that make sleeping really challenging, so even when you devote 9-10 hours of time to sleeping, you wake up exhausted. Then sleeping, won’t restore health.
  3. You are exhausted which makes exercise impossible or debilitating. Then exercising, won’t restore health.
  4. Your chronic disease causes huge stresses among your relationships, driving away friends and destroying intimate relationships. Then you don’t have the supportive relationships that help restore health.
  5. Your chronic disease affects your mood, your physical and mental functioning and makes even the simple things in life intensely stressful. Then you can’t manage your stress effectively which could help you restore your health.

So there are people who, at the beginning of treatment can’t even effectively get the basics into play.

Then what about simple herbal and physical medicine treatments?

They still work, unless you have multiple dysfunctions in multiple organ systems like many sick people do today. Then simple treatments often aren’t enough. The power of the medicine has to match the intensity of the disease.

We live in a different, and unfortunately more sick world today.

That means that simple, inexpensive and easy treatment plans often aren’t sufficient to get people well.

It also means as doctors and health professionals we also need to be continuously upgrading our skills. Old answers have much to offer us but anymore they often aren’t enough to solve our new problems.


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