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Ditch the Sports Drinks – You don’t need them

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A recent review article in the British Medical Journal (here) highlighted sports drinks and the lack of evidence behind many of their claims.  Sports drinks are big business, selling almost $2 billion dollars worth in the US alone, but the fact is you don’t need them, unless you’re a high-end athlete or hiking the Mojave desert.


Sports drinks are advertised to make us into lean, mean, superhuman machines, but here’s the reality.

The sports drink/gel/bar/packet did not make the athlete-spokesperson in the magazine or TV ad lean, strong, fast, enduring, or handsome/beautiful.  A ton of hard work & genetics did that.  Drinking the sports drink without putting in the hard work or having the genetics is not, repeat NOT going to make you lean, strong, fast, enduring or beautiful.  It’s going to make you fat and rot your teeth.  Don’t fool yourself, just drink soda instead, it’s basically the same thing.

Sports drinks, electrolyte replacement solutions, are useful if you’ve lost a lot of fluid.  So if you’re hiking in the desert or otherwise sweating heavily, or you’ve been involved in intense physical activity for AT LEAST 60-90 minutes than you are a candidate for a sports drink.

To recap:  if you are sweating heavily and/or engaged in heavy physical activity than a sports drink is appropriate.  Light activity like walking or golf don’t require sports drinks.

That means the vast majority of us, say $1.8 billion dollars of that $2 are wasting our money

Make your own
If you do need an electrolyte replacement solution, you can make your own for pennies on the dollar without all the artificial colorings and high fructose corn syrup.

Here’s a simple recipe:
-32 oz water
-6 teaspoons sugar
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-Mix, drink plain or add extra goodies like orange juice, lemon juice, bananas, or whatever else you want to add


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