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Do you have subclinical hypothyroidism?

Have you been told “you’re fine”, “all your tests” look normal when you know you’re not?

In this Vlog Dr. Gerstmar discusses subclinical hypothyroidism

How you can have normal thyroid tests and still be suffering with a low thyroid:
-Low energy
-Brain fog
-Gaining weight
-Cold all the time
-Hair falling out
-Dry skin
-Poor immunity (frequently sick)

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Yes, I’ve been told that. Unfortunately, I think I won’t be ale to afford you. If I have to pay out of pocket. You sound like a great dr that loves his profession and I do not blame you for wanting to get compensated for the care you provide to your patients. Sad to say many of us either we pay the high insurance premiums or get penalized by the government. Or do we pay out of pocket to get good healthare? Our loss.

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