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Do you have true or false food sensitivities?

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In this Episode Dr. Gerstmar discusses:
-True vs False food sensitivities – why we use these terms at Aspire Natural Health in the process of healing
-What make something a True food sensitivity vs a False one?
-Why some food sensitivities go away and others don’t


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Hey Folks,

It’s Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health, and in this quick video, I want to talk to you about what we call true and false food sensitivities.

The first thing I need to mention is that this is our classification, so if you go looking for this breakdown somewhere else or ask another doctor about it, they may have no idea what you’re talking about.

But for us it was important to understand why, some people as they’re healing – as their gut is working more normally, as their immune system is calming down, as their body is coming back into balance – why some of their food reactions disappear and others don’t.

And for us that breakdown is between true and false food sensitivities.

A couple more quick things we need to lay out…

The first is that I’m using the term food sensitivity loosely here to mean any negative reaction a person gets to a food.

The second is, if you’ve seen any of my other videos you know that there are two ways that foods can affect us. The first is directly through our immune system, triggering a reaction. The second is indirectly, by affecting our gut bacteria.

Ok, with that background in mind let’s talk about true and false sensitivities.


False food sensitivities are going to be negative reactions to foods, whether it’s directly through the immune system or indirectly through the gut bacteria. And while these false food sensitivities may themselves be going on to cause issues in other areas of your body, these false food sensitivities are there secondary to other stuff that’s going on.

Let’s see if I can make that make a little more sense. The most common reason for false food sensitivities is leaky gut.

Now if you haven’t heard of leaky gut before, the digestion normally is very selective about what it lets cross over into the body. And normally foods need to be well-digested before they can pass into the body. When someone gets a leaky gut, that discrimination doesn’t work well anymore. And what this means is that incompletely digested food is able to pass over into the body where the immune system sees it. And the immune system doesn’t like to see food, only nutrients, so when the immune system starts seeing this food, it begins creating a reaction against it.

Another common reason for false food sensitivities is SIBO or other dysbiosis, or messed up gut bacteria.

The problem in false food sensitivities isn’t actually the foods themselves, it’s those other underlying issues.

And this is where so many holistic practitioners make a mistake. If you put someone on an elimination diet and remove those foods, the person will feel better. But if you can take care of the underlying issues, most of the time those false food sensitivities will just go away.

And we see this happen regularly. When people first come to work with us, they may be sensitive to a wide variety of foods and have to go on a strict elimination diet in order to feel better.

But over time as we heal their gut, calm their immune system, and balance their body out, we find that a lot of these food sensitivities just fade away and vanish. Which is why we call them false food sensitivities.

The sicker and more out of balance your system is, the more false food sensitivities you have. The healthier and better functioning your body is, the less false food sensitivities you will have.

Now on the other hand we have true food sensitivities. These are the foods that people are truly reactive to regardless of how well their body is working. When they’re sick these foods are problematic. When they’re well and things are really in good shape, these foods are still problematic.

Whether it’s a genetic predisposition or, like the Titanic, such an established issue that it’s almost impossible to turn it around, true food sensitivities tend to stay.

So there you have it…

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Let’s see if we can bring this down to the practical level now.

A lot of people, especially if they’ve been sick for a while, are really disheartened when they learn they’re reactive to a lot of foods, often ones they really like and have been eating regularly. When we ask them to go on an elimination diet it can feel like their life is ending.

And the good news is that in our experience, very few people need to stay on an extremely restrictive diet permanently. For most of the people we work with, 1-3 months of a strict diet helps to settle things down enough that we can work on underlying issues and get people feeling a lot better.

At that point we’re able to begin reintroducing foods and many people find that at least some of the foods that were bothering them before are no longer an issue, or at least that they are far less sensitive to them than they used to be.

That’s because these are what we call false food sensitivities.

So if you or your doctor has had you on an elimination diet for more than 3 months, and you haven’t been focusing on healing your gut, or working to reintroduce at least some of the foods you’ve been avoiding, please talk to your doctor about getting to work on that.

Because our experience is that for most people a very restrictive diet isn’t need long-term and is more negative than positive.

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Alright folks, until next time…Take care!


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