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Don’t be afraid of baby steps

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We had a patient come in about a month back needing a ‘total makeover’.

Tired all the time, weight gain, brain fog.

All the classic, vague symptoms that MD’s hate so much, and that we are able to provide so much help for.

This patient is a full-time mom with high-energy kids and a husband who puts in long, long hours.

Her diet was SAD (the Standard American Diet), mostly whatever she could grab because she doesn’t have time to cook, and/or leftovers from what her kids were eating.

She didn’t have time to exercise, and sleep was poor mostly because after the kids were bundled off to bed was the only free time she had for herself, meaning she stayed up late.

What to do in this situation?

There are basically two choices:

  1. Radical change – diving in to the ‘deep end’
  2. Baby steps – dipping your toes in

Both have their pros and cons and are the right choice for different people.

Radical change is a real shock, it disrupts your old routine and puts you into a new one, which can be overwhelming but also really useful in breaking old habits. Radical change also gives you the best chance of noticing major differences in how you feel. An example of a radical change plan is theWhole30.

Baby steps are small, incremental changes. The advantage are that they are much easier to do. The disadvantages are that it’s easy to just slip back into your old routine and that with small changes you may not notice big differences.

Radical change can work really well, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Unfortunately as a society we fall victim to the ‘all or nothing’ delusion. That is, either I’m eating perfectly, sleeping perfectly, exercising perfectly or I’m going face down in a pile of Twinkies and staying up to 4am every night.

Let me be clear, it’s not all or nothing. It’s really, all – something – or nothing. And something is most definitely better than nothing.

After talking together, this patient and I decided that the baby steps plan (the something) would work better for her than radical change.

So we decided to focus on breakfast as the starting point and shift it away from things like cereal and toaster strudels to 30 grams of protein with minimal carbs. That’s 3-4 eggs and a piece of bacon or two. We also decided that she would aim to get to bed 1 hour earlier most nights of the week.

We also did testing – looking at things like thyroid function and iron levels, among other things, to make sure there wasn’t a larger dysfunction going on.

She came back three weeks later and reported about 70-80% success in meeting these two goals, and that she felt her energy had increased from a 3 (on a 1-10 scale; 1 being totally exhausted, 10 abundant energy) to a 6, and that she was waking feeling rested some days of the week (as opposed to none previously).

Major success and I am very proud of this patient for taking these positive steps!!

From this starting place, we’ll continue to move forward. Next step will be to tackle her lunches, and eventually we’ll talk about how to find time for more movement in her life.

So don’t be afraid of baby steps.

Committing yourself to small, achievable changes can add up over time to major, positive changes in your life.

If you’ve tried radical change in the past and have crashed and burned, stop running and start taking baby steps.


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