Dr. Gerstmar's new book - The Clear Path to Health - is now available on Amazon!!! - Aspire Natural Health

Dr. Gerstmar’s new book – The Clear Path to Health – is now available on Amazon!!!

The e-book is 100% FREE from June 3rd through June 7th, 2019!! Get it NOW!

Dr. Gerstmar’s long anticipated book is NOW out on Amazon!

Dr. Tim Gerstmar wrote The Clear Path to Health to solve one of the most common problems he sees in medicine and healthcare today — people confused about what they should do to get and stay healthy. With all the information out there on the Internet, and a million different voices telling people what they should be doing, many just give up and do nothing, or bounce from one trend to another.

By focusing on principles and strategies, instead of the tactics other authors focus on, Dr. Gerstmar is able to present people with a clear path that cuts through the confusion.

Some of the topics covered include: healthy eating, ancestral health, the importance of sleep for health, supplements and vitamins, community and health, habit change, and much more…


Get the book NOW on Amazon HERE.


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