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DrG’s 21 Day PaleoCleanse – Days 1-7

Hey folks!

I believe some form of detoxification needs to be a part of our Foundational health habits because of the toxic world we now live in.

There are many ways to detox, but one convenient and easy way to do so is with the 21 Day PaleoCleanse plus system put out by Designs for Health.

Watch me do the 21 day PaleoCleanse, and each day of the 21 days I’ll post a “video diary” where I’ll check in and talk about an issue related to detoxification and cleansing.

You can find days 8-14 HERE.

And days 15-21 HERE.

Day 1 – Getting Started
Link to video

Day 2 – What type of protein is it? Is this a weight loss regimen?
Link to video

Day 3 – Is detoxification “snake oil”? Why do we have to do it and our great-grandparents didn’t?
Link to video

Day 4 – The psychology of eating, and the cleanse as a “food reset”
Link to video

Day 5 – What is detox? How do our bodies do it? How does the PaleoCleanse help that process?
Link to video

Day 6 – Hunger and the value of hunger
Link to video

Day 7 – More on detoxification and the importance of body burden
Link to video


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