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Eat Ugly Food

I saw a show the other day called ‘The Big Waste’ on Food Network. In it 4 famous chefs were challenged to prepare a meal for 100 guests using only food that was discarded or thrown away.

Through the challenge, the show began to explore the issue of wasted food in this country, and IT WAS SHOCKING!!!



The biggest reason for wasted food?

Consumers too high expectations for food.

Here’s another 10 minute documentary on food waste that’s worth watching!

In my opinion the combination of most people’s lack of connection to real food (the kind that comes out of a farm, off a bush, etc.) and the media which only shows us only beautiful, pristine, blemish free pictures of food, has led to consumers (that’s you and me) thinking that all food should look like that.

Examples of waste in the show include a perfectly good half of a halibut that couldn’t be sold because it had a bruise, peaches and other fruits that were dented, chickens with torn skin, and vegetables that had spots, or a little bit of wilting or brown on them. All the food was still perfectly good, but ‘had’ to be thrown out because ‘no one would buy it.’

One solution РEAT UGLY FOOD!

Instead of looking for the pristine apple or tomato or potato, pick the ugly one. I did, on Monday when I went to the store I looked through the bin to pick up the ugliest potatoes. I grabbed a stalk of cilantro that had wilted a little bit. And in my cupboard when I picked up an onion I saw mold on one end, normally I would have thrown the whole thing out, but instead I took the knife to it and chopped off the moldy end, saving half of an onion.

The amount of food waste in this country is shocking. Will you join me in eating ugly food, so that more food gets eaten and less good food gets wasted?


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