• Can you help me?

    We are experts at helping people with gut problems, autoimmune diseases, and other hard-to-treat cases. We’re constantly working to improve our knowledge, our skills, and our ability to deliver better care.

    While we can’t help everyone, the vast majority of people who come to work with us at Aspire Natural Health find help. Their issues improve, their health improves, they gain a greater understanding of how their bodies work and how to care for it, and they gain more clarity on the important issues in their lives and their goals.

    • How much does it cost?

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      • Will my insurance cover it?

        The short answer is no, we’re not able to work with insurance.

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        • What is a Naturopathic doctor? What kind of work do you do? How is it different from a “regular” doctor?

          Most people have never heard of naturopathic doctors (NDs), even though we’re on the leading edge of improvements in medicine.

          The Naturopathic profession is about 100 years old. It began with pioneers looking at the field of “alternative” and “natural” medicine and trying to combine all the best treatments and therapies into one system. That process continued over the years and in the 1970s and 1980s the Naturopathic profession began reaching out and integrating the best parts of the conventional medical system, as well.

          Today NDs attend rigorous medical schools with the same sciences as medical doctors (MDs), have strict licensing examinations and are considered medical professionals in many (but not all) states in the US.

          NDs are a broad and diverse group of practitioners, and with such a large “tool kit” of therapies to draw from, NDs are often quite different from one another. Some focus more on natural therapies, while others are more closely with the conventional medical system and practice a more integrated form of medicine.

          All NDs believe the basis of health does not and cannot come from prescription drugs or surgeries. Those therapies have their place, but all NDs use a hierarchy of care that starts with your diet and lifestyle and only progresses up to drugs and surgery if necessary.

          The typical ND hierarchy of care:

          • Diet & Lifestyle
          • Nutrients (vitamins, minerals) & Herbs
          • Drugs
          • Surgery
          • What am I going to have to do?

            Working with an ND is quite different from the standard care you get from MDs and the conventional system. You play a critical role in the process.

            We need you to be involved at each step. We need you to form a relationship with your team. If we don’t get to know you, your needs and wants, and your strengths and weaknesses, the quality of care you receive and your success will not be everything you want.

            We need you to be ready, willing, and able to invest your time, money, and energy into this process. You’ll be asked to make changes to your diet and lifestyle. We will work with you at every step of the process to make sure those changes are doable – we will help support, and guide you. We’re here to help troubleshoot any issues that come up, and help you through the inevitable stumbles and falls.

            But we need you to be willing to make these changes.

            You’re going to be asked to take supplements. Supplements (whether they’re nutrients, herbs, or some other form) can help restore normal function to your body, correct imbalances, and accelerate your progress. Our goal is not to leave you on a bunch of supplements for the rest of your life, but to use the tools that give you the most effective and fastest recovery. We want to restore your health and well-being.

            As we move through the process of healing, you will be asked to take a deep look at your life, your relationships, your emotions, and thoughts. For some people this can be the most challenging aspect of care, but for people to achieve long-lasting and sustained results, this phase of care is often one of the most critical.

            • Do you work with vegetarians/vegans? What if I don’t want to do the Paleo diet?

              We make extensive use of the Paleo diet in our practice because we’ve found many people have extremely positive results with it.

              However, we’re not dogmatic about the use of any one protocol or tool, and our main focus is on your results. We’re happy to work with you if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, as long as your diet is helping you heal and moving you in the direction of health.

              If any dietary regimen, even Paleo, is not working well for you, we will advise you to make changes, and help you adjust it so you can get the results you’re after.

              • How long will it take to work?

                Healing takes time. Most people who have been suffering from a longstanding and complex issue take somewhere between six months and three years to really heal. That doesn’t mean they won’t see improvements or feel better before that, but in our years of working with patients, we consider six months to be the minimum time someone should plan to work on their health concerns.
                • Do I have to join a program? Can I just see you? Can I just pay as I go?

                  We highly recommend you work with us on a three or six-month program because our experience has shown us that people who do get the best results. But you certainly don’t have to. You can choose to come in on a visit-by-visit basis.

                  Dr. Gerstmar normally doesn’t work with patients who chose not to work with one of our health coaches. Once again, this is because after years of working with patients, he’s seen how those who work with a coach have superior results. They get better more quickly, have fewer backslides, and achieve more and longer-lasting results.

                  • Can I keep seeing my other doctors/health care people?

                    If you have a good relationship with other doctors or healthcare practitioners, we recommend you keep them. We firmly believe that no health care practitioner should require you to stop seeing other practitioners, and if they do, you may want to reconsider seeing them.

                    If you are seeing us virtually, we strongly recommend you have a local health care practitioner to complement our work and ensure you’re getting the care you need.

                    The one concern that can happen with multiple providers is the “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario. Medicine is as much an art as a science, and different providers use different tools and plans to help you reach your goals. Just as too many cooks can ruin a recipe, listening to too many healthcare providers, especially if they don’t communicate with one another, can leave you with too many (often conflicting) treatment plans. This can cause your progress to slow down, and sometimes different protocols even work against one another.

                    If you have multiple health care providers it’s often important to make sure you have someone in the lead, directing your overall care. We’re happy to discuss that with you and help you get your healthcare team set up appropriately.

                    • If I do the program, is there any guarantee?

                      Unfortunately, people are not like cars or computers where a standardized process can be virtually guaranteed to produce the same results. We use treatments that have been pulled from the best available clinical experience, scientific literature, and traditional wisdom. Treatments that we’ve seen work well for many people over the years.

                      Still, we cannot guarantee results.

                      What we can guarantee is that we’ll work with you and listen to you at every step of the process. If something isn’t working for you, please bring it immediately to our attention and we’ll do everything in our power to fix it for you and make it right.

                      At the end of the day each of us only wins, when the other wins. When you get results, when your life improves, we share in that victory!

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                      "Prior to Dr. Gerstmar, I went to MDs who either gave me pills for each individual symptom or told me they couldn’t find anything wrong. I was close to resigning myself to the fact that nobody could help me and I would have to learn to live with not feeling well.

                      As a last effort, I had a consultation with Dr. Gerstmar. He understood the symptoms I was experiencing and he knew immediately how to proceed. He gave me hope! Through proper testing, Dr. Gerstmar identified the cause immediately! Now that he is treating the cause, all the symptoms that I was experiencing are subsiding and my body and mind are healing. I live on the East Coast so we have consultations via phone or Skype. He is prompt with his appointments and is always available via email. His staff is very attentive as well. Dr. Gerstmar is a true advocate of the patient. He gave me the confidence not to ever give up on feeling well. I’m glad I didn’t.”

                      KARYN P.