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Health does not happen by accident

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“Life is easy when you live it the hard way, and hard when you live it the easy way.”  — Dave Kekich



Most of us are lucky to be born healthy, some of us are not.

If you look around our society you see this general health pattern:

Most of us are/were relatively healthy as kids and teens (sadly this is not the case anymore!), and we continued to enjoy good health through our 20s.

Into our 30s little things started popping up – aches and pains, visits to the doctor, small issues, we were ‘starting to get old’ and stuff didn’t work quite as well as it did when we were in our 20s.

As people move into their 40s little health problems become bigger health problems and many people now need to take medications to help manage their issues – high blood pressure, thyroid problems, and more.

By our 50s things continue to get worse, more medications are added, and quality of life begins to go downhill – maybe we have mobility issues now that limit what we can do physically.

Into our 60s and things continue to worsen. Most of us now are ‘disabled’ in one form or another, we’re really ‘getting old’ so now we can’t do a lot of the stuff we did when we were younger, which is a bummer, but you know ‘we all get old.’

Into our 70s and most of us know have pretty serious health problems that greatly restrict our lives – heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hip replacements and arthritis, impotence, trouble breathing, memory problems. Statistically most of us will die in our 70s, but some of us (mostly women) will live on into their 80s and beyond. Those who do TEND to be healthier than the rest.

But this is the picture that we’re faced with as we age right now in America.

Is it any wonder we’re terribly afraid of aging?

That ‘baby boomers’ the segment of our population in their 50s up to their early 70s are looking for anything and everything to help them age better.

Health & Aging well
Good health does not happen by accident.

Yes, there is the genetic lottery. If you picked your parents well, you got some good genes. Genes that decrease your risk of getting certain diseases and genes that let you better tolerate the stresses of our modern society.

These are the people, like my grandmother who have smoked for 70+ years and have never had any lung problems nor any signs of cancer.

These people are genetically lucky and for them health may look like an accident.

But most of us didn’t win the genetic lottery, and we got mixed results – some good, some bad, and some of us definitely lost the genetic lottery.

For most of us health doesn’t happen by accident, it is the result of our lifestyle habits. One has to be conscientious of the way one lives to stay healthy.

The good news is that these habits aren’t complicated, they’re simple, but they do take effort.

Your alternative to not doing them is to hope that modern medicine will be able to invent some ‘super pill’ or nanorobots or some kind of cloning to give you a brand new perfectly healthy body.

Personally, I wouldn’t hold my breath.



Or you can just go with the flow, which is the pattern we talked about above, but that’s pretty grim.

The basics to staying healthy, or ‘The Work’
1. Eat REAL food, DON’T eat junk –  Simple, but not easy! Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules, is a nice simple guide.
2. Sleep – If you’re not sleeping 7-9 hours a night, you are probably sleep deprived and it’s hurting your mental performance and health. Most of us need to sleep more.
3. Activity – Move your body more. It doesn’t have to be formal ‘exercise’ or ‘working out’ but you need to move your body regularly.
4. Stress – Stress is not just a mental thing, it does VERY BAD THINGS to you. It destroys your health. Most of us can’t get away from stress, but need to find ways that work for us to manage it.  These can help.
5. Relationships – Humans are social animals, we need to have relationships. Intimate partners, good friends, acquaintances, pets. If you don’t have ‘people’ in your life who you care about and who care about you, it’s hurting your health and well-being. Make some friends.

While no one can guarantee that any of us will age well and stay healthy (we might be hit by a bus tomorrow, or struck by lightning), I firmly believe that these five habits, followed diligently over the years and decades of your life will make the difference between aging badly and aging well. Between ‘getting old’ and staying healthy.

Health does not happen by accident, it happens as the result of consciously or unconsciously following the 5 basic health habits above. They’re not complex or new or cutting edge, you don’t need any special training or fancy anything, but you do have to make an effort to maintain the habits that will maintain your health.


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