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How to safely wean off antidepressants

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In this Episode Dr. Gerstmar discusses:
-Why a lot of people with digestive issues and autoimmunity are taking antidepressants
-The standard MD protocol for weaning off antidepressants
-The most common side-effects from coming off antidepressants, how many people are affected and most importantly…
-How you can dramatically reduce your chances of having side-effects and coming off anti-depressants safely


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Hey Folks,

It’s Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health, and in this quick video, I want to talk to you about antidepressants.

Now I’m NOT a psychiatrist, and my focus is NOT mental health.

Our focus and expertise is helping people with digestive issues and autoimmune diseases.

And a lot of people with digestive issues and autoimmune diseases are taking antidepressants. Sometimes that’s because antidepressants can actually help those issues, sometimes that’s because people are understandably sad about the pain and suffering they’re dealing with, and sometimes, too often, that’s because their doctors have no idea how to help them or what to do for them, and the default seems to be, when you don’t know what else to do, put people on an antidepressant.

And a lot people who come to us, would like to get off their antidepressants.

Now the standard recommendations for people to get off antidepressants are to begin cutting their dose in half, and over the course of about 4 weeks to wean off their medication.

And that works for some people. Some people have little to no symptoms and they can quickly come off their antidepressants. And that’s great.

However for a lot of people, things aren’t that easy. Studies have shown that up to 70% of people have negative side-effects when they begin to reduce their antidepressants dose. And this has been shown with SSRIs like Paxil and Prozac and also SNRIs like Wellbutrin.


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The most common side-effects people tend to get when they are reducing or stopping their antidepressants are: insomnia, anxiety, and brain zaps or electric shock sensations in their brain or even in their arms or legs.

One study that was done found that almost 80% of people trying to come off Paxil in the standard one month regimen had side effects, but that when this weaning process was extended to an average of 9 months that the number of people having side effects was around 6%.

So if you or a loved one has tried to go off antidepressants before but got stopped by side-effects, the single biggest thing you can do is slow the weaning process way down and very gradually reduce your dose over 3-6-9-12 months or sometimes even longer. There are many reports of people pulling their medications apart and taking tiny amounts out at a time, reducing the dose by as little as 1/40th of a pill.

Also we often find that by taking a holistic approach, working on someone’s diet and lifestyle, improving gut function, balancing hormones, and getting their nutrient status in good shape that coming off antidepressants becomes so much easier for them. So beyond just slowing down the process, having a health practitioner who is holistic and will treat all of you, can make the difference between coming off antidepressants being relatively easy, or a nightmare.

I do need to say that when I post a vlog like this, I will often get an avalanche of messages asking me about how they can get off antidepressants, and what they should do, and should they take this supplement or do this thing. If you’re watching this video you’re looking for answers, and I want to praise you for wanting to learn more about your health and how you can take care of yourself. Good job! But I don’t know what you should do specifically. In order to know that, I would need to do a thorough evaluation and work with you to find the right protocol specifically for you. If that’s something you’re interested in, just listen on!

So there you have it…


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Coming off antidepressants for some people is an easy and painless process. But for up to 70% of people it can be rough. Causing side-effects like insomnia, anxiety, and electric shocks.

Studies and lots of clinical experience have shown that the single easiest way to deal with this is to slow things way down. So if your doctor tells you a month is all you need, know that it may make a lot more sense to take quite a bit longer, for some people up to 9 months, or even a few years.

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Until next time folks…Take care!


At Aspire Natural Health we are experts at helping people suffering with digestive issues and autoimmunity.

Are you or a loved one looking for help?

Email us at or call us at 425-202-7849.

The first step of our process is to see if we’re a good fit for one another. If we are, we’ll talk about next steps. If not, that’s okay, and we’ll do our best to help you find the right person.

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