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Imitate nature to turn deserts into fertile land

We’ve been told that grazing cows and animals on land destroys it, and that we must stop grazing animals if we want to protect our environment?

But is it grazing animals that are the problem?

Or the way we’re doing it?

Desertification, the process by which fertile lands become deserts is a serious and increasing problem in much of the world.

Because of ecologically unfriendly practices, clear-cutting forests, plowing up ground to use as crop fields, over-grazing animals, etc. a growing portion of once fertile land is literally turning into desert.

How to deal with it is a huge issue, and how to turn it back into fertile land once again is an even bigger issue? How much technology and how much money do we need to spend?

Allan Savory was recently awarded the Buckminster Fuller award for 2010 for his pioneering work using a simple, low-cost, low-effort technique he calls “holistic management” in which he imitates nature, and has shown that barren land can become fertile land once again.

Traditional management of grazing animals is to keep a modest number of them in an area and keep them moving so that they do not cause too much damage to an area. Overgrazing, where too many animals are kept on too little land, means the animals eat the majority of the plants growing there allowing the soil to wash away and the land to become barren.

Savory’s technique rests on the recognition that in Africa traditionally massive herds of migrating animals would move over the land. He found by imitating this, that is by stocking a piece of land very intensively for a very short period of time the large number of animals would churn the ground with their hooves and work their manure into the ground fertilizing it. Then the animals would move on, giving the remaining plants and the now fertilized ground time to recover.

A low tech, low cost way to help recover and restore destroyed ground. Rather than trying to improve on nature or supplant nature, instead by studying it, understanding it and imitating it we are often able to accomplish far more.

We believe the same idea can be applied to the body and health – understand why and how the body is doing what it is doing, and to assist it in returning to health, rather than trying to replace it or force it. And our results often far exceed what we could do otherwise.


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