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Interested in Natural Medicine, who should you see? Part IV – The Bottom line

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In Part I, Part II, and Part III of this series we’ve discussed the various Natural Medicine practitioners.  Now let’s bring it all together.


  • Good – People are beginning to recognize the limitations in conventional medicine and are looking for answers. There are now a wide variety of Natural Medicine practitioners out there: Integrative MD’s, DO’s and Nurses, Naturopathic doctors, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and a wide variety of secondary practitioners. In most places, you can find a Natural Medicine practitioner to help you with your issues.
  • Bad – Most practitioners in Natural Medicine do not have standardized training, meaning some providers are very well trained and others are very poorly trained. At best this means you may waste your time and money with a provider who isn’t up to treating you. At worst you can be harmed by inappropriate or harmful treatments.


  1. Consider a well-educated and experienced Integrative MD, DO, Nurse, Chiropractor, or Naturopathic doctor as your primary Natural Medicine provider.
  2. Use secondary providers as appropriate but, with rare exception, don’t rely on them to oversee your care.
  3. Because education and experience vary dramatically in the Natural Medicine field, it is critical you make sure the provider you are seeing as capable of effectively treating you.

Find a practitioner that works with you and provides you the care that you want. Make sure you feel comfortable and well taken care of. Understand their education/training, what they’re good at, and their limitations.

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