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Is coffee safe to drink if I have autoimmunity?

In this Episode Dr. Gerstmar discusses:
-Is it safe to drink coffee if you have autoimmunity?
-Does food affect autoimmunity?
-Are we sure coffee cross reacts with gluten?
-Should you do a coffee elimination?


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Hey Folks,

It’s Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health, and in this quick video, I want to talk to you about a question we get regularly here at Aspire Natural Health, is coffee safe to drink if I have autoimmunity?

Just in case you haven’t heard this before. What you eat can have a profound influence on your autoimmunity. I know a lot of rheumatologists, and gastroenterologists will tell you that for most diseases, especially most autoimmunity, what you eat has no impact on your disease.

They’re wrong.

In our experience with people with autoimmunity we’ve seen that more than 80% see improvements in their autoimmunity when they make changes to their diet. Now of that 80% of people who do see changes, for 20% of people that change can be dramatic, and we’ve even seen people go into full remission of their autoimmunity simply by making changes to their diet and lifestyle. The other 80% see improvements from mild to moderate, and it’s true there seems to be some people that their diet has no real impact on their autoimmunity.

What foods can cause problems for autoimmunity? The fact is that the immune system CAN react to any food that we eat, although there are some common foods that cause problems for most people.


One food that causes a lot of nashing of teeth and tearing out of hair is coffee. Many popular bloggers have talked about how coffee can cross react with gluten and needs to be avoided by anyone with autoimmune disease.

I live and work in Seattle, and, as you can guess, Seattle-its love their coffee. So we commonly get asked if people really need to avoid coffee if they have autoimmunity.

And, the short answer is that we’ve very rarely seen anyone have any autoimmune problems with coffee.

There have been some critical analyses of the original study showing gluten cross-reactivity from coffee. And while I haven’t been able to confirm this, one analysis showed that the coffee used in the study was instant coffee, and we know that instant coffee does carry a risk of cross contamination with gluten. So it’s very possible that the cross reaction seen with coffee wasn’t actually a cross reaction but caused by contamination with gluten.

And this supports our clinical experience. We’ve seen many people with gluten sensitivities and even full blown celiac disease have no issues with coffee.

And having helped many people work through elimination diets, our experience is that it’s very uncommon for coffee to be an autoimmune trigger.

I want to be clear that if you’ve found that coffee is a problem for you, you need to trust your own experience. Again, the immune system can react to pretty much any food or beverage, so it is possible to have a problem with coffee, and we have found it to be very uncommon.

And that’s good. Elimination diets can be hard enough, and for a lot of people their morning coffee is a bright spot in their day, and we prefer not to take that away.

Having said that, I do believe it’s worthwhile doing an elimination of coffee to see what you notice. While we don’t see coffee flaring autoimmunity often, quite a few people notice that after the initial adjustment period that their energy, mood, and sleep improve by limiting or reducing coffee. So we will often recommend a 14-30 day coffee elimination so we people can see what effect coffee is having on them.

So there you have it…


If you’re suffering with autoimmunity do you HAVE to give up your coffee? Is it flaring your autoimmunity?

Our experience is that for most people the answer is no.

While we do recommend people do an elimination diet and take coffee out for a short while to see what effects they notice, coffee is not a major trigger of autoimmunity.

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Until next time folks…Take care!

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