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Men are dumb…

…when it comes to healthcare.

Previously we talked about the big mistake we see women make in relation to their health — trying to be a “Super woman” and do it all.

Now it’s the guys’ turn.

Men’s biggest mistake?

Ignoring their healthy entirely.

If one of our patients refers her husband or boyfriend to come and see us the first thing we do is ask the guy, “do you really want to be here?”

About half the time, the answer is no.

So we stop the visit right there and send the guy home, we’re not going to get any medicine done.

And, understandably, this is incredibly frustrating to the women in guys lives who want to see them be healthy and stick around for a long time.

I joke that there really are only two reasons men will go to see the doctor.

  1. A body part is about to fall off
  2. Something is wrong with their penis or testicles (main reason men go to the doctor)



After pondering this weirdness for a while, I have my theories, and I think it’s rooted in our biology and our culture.



Biologically speaking, a males role is to father children and to provide for them (protection and food).  From a biology standpoint, females choose males on these qualities – Are they good breeding stock? Can they protect us and provide for us?

Being sick (having a disease or other infirmity) means the answer to both these questions is no. So being sick for male animals means rejection and ultimately death. Is it any wonder why we won’t admit we’re sick?

Now, being humans that live in our society means this no longer is the case, but I believe our primal drives are still very much intact. And so, men may not know why, but they are driven, I believe, on a non-conscious level to hide sickness.



Add to that biologic drive our societal programing which still largely says – boys don’t cry, suck it up, be strong. All mental/emotional programming that follows from our biologic drives and men are further compelled to act like everything is okay, even when it clearly is not.


The result

This biological and cultural programming keeps men from seeing doctors unless something is so seriously wrong they can no longer deny it (their arm is falling off), or their sexual function (and thus a central part of their maleness) has a problem.

And this does a great disservice to men and the women who are a part of their lives. Men, on average, die younger than women. Is part of it that they don’t care for their health as well as women?

I personally think so.

The good news is that this is changing. Younger men are much more likely to go to the doctor than older men, and also much less likely to buy into the macho stereotype which is so damaging to men.


The bottom line

So men, let’ set aside our cultural and biological baggage and do what’s best for ourselves and the people we love.  Get checked out. Care for your health.

Take care of the people in your life by taking care of yourself and sticking around for them.


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