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Natural treatment for H pylori

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So you need to get rid of H pylori…

In this post, we talked about making the conventional treatment more effective by integrating some alternative therapies.

You’ve completed  a round of triple therapy…

…and now you have a month before you can get another breath test to see if you still have H pylori. Why a month? To wait and see if H pylori recolonizes your stomach.

In conventional treatment of course you’re done after doing the antibiotic therapy, but, there’s more that can be done.

Here is the next phase:

Things that have been shown to inhibit H pylori include ginseng, green tea, red wine, flavonoids, broccoli sprouts, garlic, and probiotics.

  1. Probiotics – if you’ve done the antibiotic treatment and haven’t been doing probiotics, please start RIGHT AWAY! Antibiotics are not selective and will wipe out huge swaths of your beneficial gut flora along with the H pylori. Studies have shown that, at least for some patients, their gut flora never recovers. If you’ve been taking probiotics with the antibiotic therapy, continue taking them as probiotics themselves are inhibitors of H pylori. HERE are some good probiotics to consider.
  2. Broccoli seed extract – the big gun. Studies have show the compound sulforaphane, found in broccoli seeds, to have an inhibitory effect on H pylori and one trial I was looking at eradicated it in about 75% of cases (though another showed that after 2 months H pylori had recolonized the stomach). It also heals and protects the stomach lining. HERE is a good Broccoli seed extract.
  3. Green tea – if you like green tea and are willing to drink 5-10 cups a day, great. For the rest of us I would use a concentrated green tea extract.
  4. Zinc carnosine – has been shown to have an inhibitory effect on H pylori, heal the stomach and also heal ‘leaky gut’.  HERE is a good brand.
  1. If your gut is a little beat up from the antibiotic regimen I would recommend adding 3-5 grams of glutamine to your protocol to help nourish it and heal it up (along with the broccoli seed extract and zinc carnosine)
  2. Eat spices and plenty of garlic (as your stomach tolerates them), fruits, lots of vegetables (especially leafy greens and colorful vegetables), and a little red wine to your tolerance.

I would recommend this protocol for the month following the triple drug therapy, then have the urea breath test to confirm your status. Assuming you’re clear, finish up any remaining green tea, zinc carnosine, and glutamine you’re taking and stop. I would continue the probiotics and the broccoli seed extract for one more month and then if things are going really well stop.


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