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Natural Treatment of Diabetes – A Diabetes Success Story

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While our area of expertise is digestive problems and autoimmunity, many of the people we work with have blood sugar issues, pre-diabetes, or diabetes.



This is a story of a patient of mine who is far too modest to brag about their success so I’m going to do so anonymously for them, because I think their success can be an inspiration to others.

I began seeing this patient about 9 months ago for digestive issues. They hadn’t been to a doctor in quite a while, so we ran comprehensive blood work as part of their intake and found they had a fasting blood sugar of over 300.

Diagnosis – diabetes.

After a thorough discussion with the patient we decided to forgo any drugs and even supplements (other than a probiotic) and see what diet could do.

The patient began the GAPS diet and over the past 9 months has transitioned into a very low carbohydrate (VLC) diet. This patient has been scrupulous about their diet.


Digestive troubles – 95% better.

Weight – down 91 lbs over 9 months. Knee pain, hip pain, back pain all significantly improved.

Exercise – by their own admission, they could not walk 2 minutes on a treadmill without having to stop and rest. Currently walking 1 mile every day. They have begun to slowly increase the speed and incline on the treadmill. Just enrolled to walk in a 5K towards the end of the year.

Blood sugar – this has to be seen to be believed. Initial fasting blood sugar was in the 300s. Repeat fasting blood sugar was 117 four months later.

This patient has been tracking their sugars with a blood glucometer (the ‘finger stick’) and brought records for evaluation (thank you dear patient!).   About 4 months ago we found their blood sugars ranging from 90 to about 140. MUCH better than initially, but still too high. Given all the progress that’d been made we decided to give it three more months to see what further progress we could make.

Last week, I saw the patient again and their fasting sugar ranged from 100-104 and blood sugars ranged from the 80s to the 110s. Two spikes up in blood sugar were small “cheats” easily identified and managed.

I hope your mind is as blown as mine.

This is a patient who without any drugs or supplements, through diet, exercise, and lifestyle alone has gone from severely diabetic to barely diabetic.

Yes they are on a VLC diet and walking a mile daily.



Let’s compare this to what would happen at a typical MD’s office

The patient’s high blood sugar is found on a screening test. Patient started on high dose metformin and likely insulin to bring sugars down.

Patient told to “get some exercise” and “eat a prudent diet”. Prudent being the horrifically bad ADA (American Diabetic Association) diet – high carb, low fat, low-moderate protein with no regard to food quality. Which in my opinion serves to only make diabetes WORSE not better.

Patient would probably lose a little weight initially as blood sugars become more stable with medication and then typically patient begins to gain weight. Blood sugars run high out of concern for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) due to the insulin. Over time damage from high blood sugar accumulates leading to all of the problems of diabetes. Result – patient doesn’t die immediately but declines over a period of time and probably dies 8-10 years before they should.


If this person can do it, you can do it too

The point of posting this story is, one, to sing the praises of this patient, who through a lot of hard work has turned their health 180 degrees from where it was headed just 9 months ago. And two, by putting their story out there, to let others know it can be done

If you have diabetes you HAVE to change your diet if you want to turn things around. If you’re unwilling to change your diet, you should take the drugs, but if you are willing to change your diet, look at what can happen. No it’s not easy, but neither are dealing with the complications of diabetes, and dying on average, 8-10 years prematurely.

The choice is yours.


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