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Health Insurance

If you’ve got questions about how your health insurance will cover your treatment with us here at Aspire Natural Health, you’re not alone. Because we want you to feel completely at ease when it comes to this (sometimes stressful) topic, we’ve created a short video specifically to answer your health insurance questions.

Watch our short video on accepting health insurance below:

  • Does Aspire Natural Health take insurance?

    If we could take insurance, we absolutely would!

    Unfortunately, the current health insurance system doesn’t allow us to provide the level of care our patients deserve. Part of the reason your doctors have short visits with you, don’t run as many tests as they should, etc., is because insurance doesn’t let them. Doctors and other medical professionals simply don’t get paid to provide that level of care to their patients.

    Our whole mission is to spend as much time as needed on your care to help you achieve the results you haven’t been able to get elsewhere. For that reason, we can’t accept the constraints insurance would put on us. This means you’ll make the full payment for care at the time of your visit.

    The good news? You can use HSAs and other flex spending accounts to pay for your visit.

    What to learn more? Scroll up to press PLAY on the video above!

  • Is there any way my insurance can reimburse me?

    Yes! We’re considered an out-of-network provider, so it will depend on your insurance company’s policy when it comes to reimbursing out-of-network visits. Click here to watch the quick video to get more details.

    We hope this video helps you get to know us a little more and also sets your mind at ease when it comes to your health insurance questions. We know this might be a different way of thinking about healthcare costs, but we also know you’ll be able to see and feel the freedom that comes with working outside of the traditional healthcare industry.

Pricing & Payment

Once again, just to be clear, we do not work directly with insurance, so you have to pay for your visit once your appointment ends.

We’re happy to provide you with the necessary codes and paperwork to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, so please feel free to ask. The amount you get back will depend on the company and policy you have (can range from 0% – 80% of the cost of the visit).

Visit-by-Visit Care

While we recommend you join our Foundational Care Program to massively improve your odds of success, we understand that some people and situations are better served by paying visit to visit.

Initial Evaluation $695 Click here to see the benefits included
Repeat visits Dr. $225.00 / Coach $120
3-month package 1 Dr. + 2 Coaches per month $418.00 /Month 1 Dr. + 2 Coaches Savings of 10%$40/month or $120/3 months
6-month package1 Dr. + 2 Coaches per month $375 /Month1 Dr. + 2 Coaches Savings of 20%$80/month = $480 total savings
COACHING ONLY $120.00 /Hour

We accept cash, check, Visa, American Express or Mastercard.

Virtual Visits via Phone & Skype

In a perfect world, everyone would have a good local doctor to help them. Sadly, this often isn’t the case. To help those people, we offer virtual visits for patients. IMPORTANT: Currently, to the best of our knowledge, no insurance company is paying for or reimbursing virtual visits. Therefore, if you decide to book a virtual visit, please plan for no insurance reimbursement.

HSA Cards & Flex Savings Plans

More frequently, companies are switching to HSA’s and Flex Savings Plans to give you greater control over where you spend your healthcare dollars. The goods news is that our goods & services (including programs) can be fully paid for with your HSA and flex savings plans.

As an added bonus, in the state of Washington, any supplement (vitamin, mineral, herb, etc.) prescribed for you by Dr. Gerstmar is considered a prescription and can be purchased with your HSA or flex saving dollars. This is not the case if you buy your supplements from a health food store or off the Internet.


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