40 Years A Doctor – Treating Complex Chronic Illness & The Proper Use Of IV Therapy – Dr. Paul Anderson

In this podcast DrG is proud to share a conversation with one of his teachers and mentors, Dr. Paul Anderson.

In this podcast they have a wide-ranging discussion about complex chronic disease including:

-That the outcome of any treatment, including drugs, is dependent on how invested and involved a person is in the treatment

-That diseases are occurring 20 years earlier in peoples lives than they were 25-40 years ago


They also discuss:
-Paul’s story into Naturopathic medicine – helping his kids then himself

-The importance of moderating Internet researching and shifting out of victim-hood

-The use of IV nutrition, a high force intervention to get the body restarted and rebuilt
-How herbal extracts for IV’s are used in many place around the world, except the US

-How do you know you need IV therapy? And how would you find a good doctor to give you IV therapy?

And more…


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