Better sex for women! DrG talks with Karyn Wagner about Sexxpot


Cannabis for sex drive? Could marijuana be the new “viagra” for women?

DrG talks with Karyn Wagner about this “new” treatment to help women with low libido.

They discuss:
-The difference between sexual function and libido
-How women’s cannabis needs are very different from men’s
-All cannabis is not the same, the developing differentiation of cannabis for different groups
-It’s not just about the cannabinoids (THC and CBD), don’t forget the terpenes
-What women should look for cannabis for libido enhancement
-The difference between CBD from hemp and cannabis
-Is cannabis regulation good or bad?

Sexxpot products – only available inside of California at marijuana dispensaries
www.leafly.com – for more info about cannabis & dispensaries
Karyn’s site – www.paradigmcannabis.com
Articles on Sexxpot – http://thecut.io/1G2qx4p – and Karyn’s awards – http://bit.ly/2lJbStq

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