How to get effective chiropractic care – DrG talks with Dr. BIll Weber


NOTE:  I was incorrect in the intro, the Naturopathic profession began in 1901, not 1908

This week DrG talks with Dr. BIll Weber, a veteran chiropractor of 37 years.

They cover:
-Misconceptions about chiropractic and the philosophy behind chiropractic medicine
-Coming from a family of MD’s, what led Dr. Bill to chiropractic, and how chiropractic fixed Dr. Bill’s eyes and asthma.  Work with cold lasers helped his multiple sclerosis (MS)
-The 3 areas that will tell you if chiropractic could be helpful for you
-The different types of chiropractic – why are they so many?
-How to find a good chiropractor and what you should ask a chiropractor you’re thinking of seeing
-Why is 60 degrees an important angle?
-How to not have to go to the chiropractor all the time – just getting adjustments isn’t enough
-What causes the popping noise

Find Dr. Bill at Health source of Kirkland – www.healthsourceofkirkland.com

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