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Understanding SIBO and How to Treat it – DrG talks to Dr. Allison Siebecker


Do you have SIBO? Is it really a problem? What’s the best way to treat it? Can you use herbs? Can it be cured?

In this episode of the ANHP, DrG talks with SIBO expert Dr. Alison Siebecker.

They discuss:
-What is SIBO and why is it a problem?
-How much of IBS is really SIBO?
-Is there an autoimmune component for IBS?
-Why don’t standard tests from gastroenterologists, like endoscopies, find SIBO?
-The four treatments for SIBO
-Why is SIBO chronic? And what does long-term treatment for SIBO look like

IBS Chek test: ibschek.com/
Dr. Siebecker’s website: www.siboinfo.com

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  1. Renay says:

    I can’t tell you how much inspiration you have given to me listening to this video. In January on 2016 I came down with food poisoning which resulted in Gastritis, had EDG done, then I was told I had GERD and acid reflux issues. Doctors had me on so many medications to help with the symptoms PPi’s etc. that I was not able to digest my food. I went off all medications and tried to self medicate. Symptoms were constant heartburn, acid, nausea, fatigue, and severe stomach pain, so much bubbling and gas in stomach and bowels. It wasn’t until January of this new year and three doctors later, Dr. thought I might have SIBO and put me on Xifaxan. I just had EDG done and was told belly was healed from gastritis. I felt hopeless because Dr. said it might help. Anxiety and down in the dumps has set in. However after listening to you show, I feel somewhat hopeful! I am praying I will be in the 1/3 percent of healers. I am following FODMAP diet with no problem as I wasn’t eating much anyhow eliminated most foods and beverages. I just wish I could find a doctor in the Flint Michigan area that sounded as knowledgeable and confident as Dr. Siebecker.

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