Beyond the High – Medical Marijuana – Part 1 – DrG talks to Nichole Pickering


Part 2 here

In Part 1 of this two part series, DrG talks with Nichole Pickering, a patient and advocate for medical marijuana.

They talk about common misconceptions about cannabis that many people have, including Dr. Gerstmar until he learned about legitimate medical use.

Niki talks about living with metatrophic dwarfism & epilepsy.  About dealing with chronic pain & the herbs that have really helped her – including a fantastic herb that almost no-one has heard of.  The downsides of recreational cannabis.  They discuss cannabis strains – sativa vs indica vs hybrids.  As well as the major compounds in cannabis THC vs CBD vs CBN.


More info here:

To contact Nichole:  nikipickering@yahoo.com

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