Can You Treat Anxiety and Depression with Vitamins & Minerals?

Can Anxiety and Depression be treated effectively with Vitamins & Minerals?

Can You Treat Anxiety and Depression with Vitamins & Minerals? Are there options besides drugs or pharmaceuticals such as SSRI’s? Dr. Richard Wyckoff Talks about the Walsch Protocol

NOTE: Please do not go off any psychiatric drugs without the guidance and help of a skilled health practitioner

DrG & Dr. Wyckoff cover:
-Dr. Wyckoff’s 40 year journey through psychology – From psychotherapy to the biochemical underpinnings of mental health
-How the Walsch protocol differs from conventional psychiatry
-There are different types of depression – what helps one kind of depression can hurt another kind
-Strengths and weaknesses of genetic testing
-The role of methylation in mental health
-Functional vs genetic methylation testing
-Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, Orthomolecular medicine, and the further work of Dr. William Walsch
-Kryptopyrrole disorder
-Zinc – copper imbalances and the typical symptoms of a zinc – copper imbalance
-Could metallothionien deficiency be a cause of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?
-Discussion of different potential causes of dementia
-How these insights have changed Dr. Wyckoff’s practice? Getting results in months he used to get in years


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