Dr. G Talks to Jordan of Jambo Superfoods about CBD and Medical Marijuana

CBD – Treatment for Epilepsy, Anxiety, and Inflammation – DrG talks with Jordan of Jambo Super Foods


CBD (cannabinadiol) an extract of cannabis or marijuana. People are using it to help treat epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation? What is it? Is it safe? Or a dangerous drug?

Like many people of the “this is your brain on drugs” generation, for most of my life I had the stereotype of cannabis as the “lazy stoner with the munchies” drug.

Thankfully over the last couple of years, intelligent patients, and reading the case reports and scientific data on marijuana has opened my eyes to this useful medicine.

I sat down with Jordan of Jambo Superfoods, which mainly produces high quality CBD-only products (in the form of breath sprays, coconut oil/butter oil mixes, and little candies), that are federally legal (NOTE: The feds have been suggesting they may make CBD federally illegal, meaning it could not be transported across state lines) and can be shipped anywhere in the US, to discuss CBD and cannabis

In this episode we cover:
-What is the difference between hemp and marijuana
-What is CBD?
-What does CBD do?
-The difference between a daily anti-inflammatory dose that can be used by virtually anyone, and the much higher doses used in things like chronic pain and epilepsy
-Is there anyone CBD is a bad choice for?
…and more

Check them out at www.jambosuperfoods.com/

NOTE: Cannabis is a legally problematic plant. Federally it is illegal in the United States, while certain states have made it either medically or recreationally legal. It remains in a grey zone, and each person must decide whether to purchase or use this substance for themselves.

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