PaleoFX recap & DrG inteviews Dr BG (Grace Liu) and Lisa Ramos

The Cutting Edge Of Gut Treatment & A PaleoFX 2016 Recap – DrG Talks With Dr BG (Grace Liu)

WARNING: Grace is funny and super knowledgeable, and has a bit of a potty mouth. So, WARNING THIS EPISODE OF THE PODCAST CONTAINS PROFANITY.

In this post-PaleoFX drink and dinner, I sat down with Dr BG (Grace Liu) and Lisa Ramos.

Topics we cover:
-Recapping PaleoFX and Grace’s ‘Rebuilding a Warrior Gut’ talk
-How exercise can hurt your gut and your health. The perils of over-exercising and under-eating
-The importance of testing & your ‘dash board’
-Athletes, gut health, performance
-Sympathetic (fight or flight) vs Parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system and it’s effects on your digestive system
-Is Paleo and PaleoFX only for people in great shape and how are healthy?
-Themes that came up at PaleoFX and PaleoFX recaps
-The importance of sleep
-The “Vegetarian Myth”
-Common vs. normal
-The importance of social connection – Blue Zones, PaleoFX, and more
-Ancestral Health Symposium
-Living a life of purpose / meaning
-Myths about digestive health Grace dispels
-Please choose marshmallow root over slippery elm
-We dive deep into gut therapies
-Grace’s upcoming gut seminar in December 2016
-Understanding your own body and health
-Thoughts on finding a health care provider

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Grace’s probiotic:…management

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