PaleoFX - Jess Gold, NTP & Her Journey With Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca – Psychedelics & Healing – DrG talks with Jess Gold

Ayahuasca, a brew made of Amazonian plants, is becoming increasingly popular. Is it a recreational drug or “10 years of psychotherapy” in one night? Many people are reporting that this psychedelic when done responsibly in a proper set and setting, helps them to unlock stuck areas in their life and health.

I caught up with Jess Gold, NTP at PaleoFX 2016. Some of you may remember that Jess worked for me for about 6 months as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner before moving to Bend, OR to be with her fiance.

In this podcast we catch up and talk about what she’s been up to since that time — working with the Amazonian medicinal herbal brew Ayahuasca.

We discuss what it is, what it’s used for, who might benefit, who might not, and perhaps some next steps if you’re considering looking into this medicine.

NOTE: AYAHUASCA IS CURRENTLY CLASSIFIED AS AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE IN THE UNITED STATES. I do not condone the use of any illegal activity or substance.

Having said that, from the research I’ve done into this medicine, and having spoken with some people who’ve received tremendous benefit from it, the ban on this medicine seems absolutely ridiculous.

For more info on psychedelics and their use in healing, check out

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