Holistic medicine for our pets! DrG talks to holistic vet Dr Richard Palmquist


Holistic medicine for our dogs, cats, and other four legged friends. DrG talks with holistic vet Dr. Richard Palmquist

This discuss:
-Richard’s very conventional beginnings
-An amazing origin story – how Rick’s efforts to put an integrative practitioner out of practice led to his conversion to integrative vet care
-How treating a German Shepherd caused Rick to faint
-The response of the drug reps when Rick started changing his practice
-It’s all community at every level
-What is chi (qi)?
-Medicine as gardening vs medicine as warfare
-How are regular vets and the profession of veterinary medicine in general responding to integrative medicine and practitioners?
-How pets and people often share the same diseases
-Building a healthier world for people and pets

Teaser: Next time well discuss over-vaccination and titer levels in pets

-Follow Dr. Palmquist on Twitter – @DrRPalmquist
-Centinela Animal Hospital – www.LovAPet.com
-AHVMF (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation) – www.ahvmf.org
-Find a holistic vet (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) – www.ahvma.org
-Poetry at Medium.com
-Buy Dr. Palmquist’s poetry book – www.ahvmf.org/books

-Zoobiquity book – amzn.to/2kRjtDe

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