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Specialists, Synthesizers, and Popularizers – DrG talks with Dr. Tommy Wood


In this episode of the ANH podcast, DrG talks with Dr. Tommy Wood of NourishBalanceThrive.

They discuss:
-How you must master the basics to master the craft – many practitioners out there use cookie-cutter protocols instead of truly understanding the basics and tools
-Tommy’s story – how he got into medicine as an MD and his journey into functional medicine
-The importance of Specialists, Synthesists, and Popularizers
-How private health insurance dis-incentivizes preventative care
-How Iceland has tackled drugs & alcohol by changing the environment
-The importance of community, and how good health habits can sometimes damage people’s community
-The most important messages they tell their clients at Nourish Balance Thrive
-How to work with MD’s to coax them into integrative medicine
-Why integrative practitioners need to publish their protocols and case reports
-Avoiding dogma in both conventional and functional medicine

Book Recommendation – Power of Full Engagement
Check out their podcast HERE

Here are DrG’s episodes on the NourishBalanceThrive podcast – HERE (how much lab testing should you do?) and HERE (methylation and environmental pollutants)

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