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The Key to Success in Health & Life

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In this Episode Dr. Gerstmar discusses:
-The most important thing YOU need for sustained and permanent health change and success in life
-The 5 stages of successful change
-The two types of change – when do you want massive action, and when should you avoid it?


Hey Folks,

It’s Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health

And in this quick video I want to talk to you about…the little things done consistently.

What does that mean?

The little things done consistently.

You’re watching this because there’s something you’d like to change.

Whether that’s losing some weight, or whether that’s dealing with some health issues – from things like IBS to Ulcerative Colitis to Multiple Sclerosis, or something else – or maybe you’re healthy and just want to stay that way.

What is the key to success or achieving your goals?


Awareness is the first key. After all if we don’t realize we have an issue, we can’t do anything about it.

Second, certainly learning is important. Watching videos like this one, or podcasts, or blogs or books. After all if you don’t know what to do, chances are really good you’re not going to do the right thing.

But knowledge is only the second key and it’s not the most important one. After all you can sit around all day watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading books, and at the end of the day you’re not any closer to your goals.

The third stage and the key to success is implementation.

And while we’re not going to talk about them today, the fourth and fifth stages are also important, and they’re feedback and accountability.

So that’s…awareness, knowledge, implementation, feedback and accountability. Make sense?

Let’s talk about that third stage implementation and how this relates to our topic, little things done consistently.

There are two types of implementation…

The first is massive action. There’s a time and a place for massive action, and it certainly feels good when we take massive action.

This is the crash diet, or the strict elimination diet. This is the 180 in health habits. This is the 20 supplement regimen. Massive action is massively disruptive to our lives…

Which can be great…

If we’re stuck in quicksand and sinking, sometimes we have to take massive action in order to change things.

But what’s the problem with massive action?

It’s ultimately unsustainable.

This is the crash diet that people go on to lose weight, and maybe they do lose a bunch of weight. But ultimately they can’t stay on it, and the next time you see them they’ve regained all that weight and a little extra to boot.

Massive action is great when we’re trying to turn the Titanic or get out of quicksand and get moving, but then it has to transition to the second type of action and that’s…

Little things done consistently.

These aren’t sexy, in fact most of them are downright boring. We don’t get any big dopamine hits from doing little things consistently, but it’s where we’re going to find success.

In fact right now, as you’re watching this, where you are in your health and your life is the results of the little things that you do consistently.

That can be good things like packing a healthy lunch to work instead of going through the drive-thru. Or unhealthy things like staying up too late binge-watching a show on Netflix, and only getting a few hours of sleep last night.

The good news is that any one single little thing doesn’t have much impact on your health. If you choose a donut instead of a healthy meal, most of the time it’ll have little impact on your health. That’s why we advise people to be gentle with themselves and not beat themselves up over individual choices. None of us is perfect, and sometimes the situation calls for a donut.

The bad news is that it’s these little events done consistently that chart the course of your life.

And if you’re not where you want to be in your life, the place to start is not in chasing for some silver bullet, nor in just collecting more and more information.

The place to start is by looking at your little events and your habits, such as…

Most of the time are you making the healthier choices or are you consistently choosing unhealthy foods?
Are you making time for regular movement in your schedule?
Are you going to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep?

And plenty more.

Making changes on these little things, and implementing those changes consistently over a long period of time is going to change the course of your life and your health.

So there you have it…

The key to health and success in your life is to focus on the little things done consistently.

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Until next time folks…Take care!


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