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The Most Important Key to Succeeding with Healthy Food

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In order to be healthy you need to eat healthy food (food that is mostly whole, fresh, and unprocessed)

There’s just one problem, unless you can afford to have someone else make all the food for you – a personal chef, or food delivery, or buying it from a restaurant or store – healthy food takes time to prepare.

After all there’s only two reasons we eat ‘fast’ food (either from a chain restaurant or out of a microwave container)

  1. It’s ‘tasty’. It maxes out the tastes of salty, sweet and fatty, but lacks the true flavors of ‘real’ food.
  2. It’s fast and easy

Housewives of the 1950s took up TV dinners because instead of spending 1-2 hours cooking a meal they could prepare the meal in 10-15 minutes, leaving them more time for other things.

And so when we want to eat healthier food, we’re also saying, we need to spend more time preparing that food. Which can be the biggest hurdle in our chronically over-scheduled lives.

And so the biggest key to success with healthy food is preparation. Having plenty of healthy food around you at all times.

I can say that this is the single biggest factor that makes or breaks most people’s attempts to eat a healthier diet. I know it’s the case for me.

Let me give you an example: The other week I made a batch of coconut-curry meatballs and stored them in the fridge. If I needed a snack or to round out a meal, I could grab a few (warm them up or not) and eat.

Thus the path of least resistance was healthy food.

Times when I haven’t had anything ready to go, the idea of getting something out, chopping, seasoning, and cooking seems like such a hassle and it’s much easier to reach for a piece of easy, ‘fast’ food. And so many of us derail our attempts at healthier eating.

Part of your plan to be successful in eating healthy food MUST include how it’s going to be prepared – who is going to do it, when, and how – not just what food you are going to be eating.


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