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The value of having been sick

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There’s a Chinese saying (or at least a paraphrase of one) which says “One disease, long life.  No disease, short life.”

What in the world does that mean?

Typically the “worst” patients to work with are teenagers, because all they’re interested in is the quick fix.


Diet & lifestyle changes?

No way!

Concerns about long life, functionality, well-being?

Why bother, anyone older than 30 is pretty much dead anyways.

Most 20 year olds are the same.  Unless they’re suffering with a problem, most have little interest in caring for their health.

Toaster waffle for breakfast, candy bar for lunch, and booze for dinner with 3 hours of sleep?  Check, good to go!

Concerns about future health, nonexistent.

When people hit their 30s and 40s, many begin to show some interest in their health.

Kids are often a big wake-up call for people to take care of themselves, as are seeing serious health problems in their parents.

By their 50s is when people really begin to aggressively take care of their health, usually because of a discovery of something wrong – heart disease, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Medicine, and natural medicine can help with all these things, but what really would have helped more?  Taking action 20-30 years earlier, making simple but profound changes to diet and lifestyle and much of this disease would have been avoided.



So that brings us back around to this piece of Chinese wisdom.

If you never have any symptoms or troubles from a bad diet and lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

Yes, some people drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney and live off Ding-dongs until they are 80, but, these people are few and far between and they “won the genetic lottery.”

And, sadly, if we never have symptoms, we never have any motivation to change our bad behaviors.  So we continue chugging along until something breaks.

The guy who never had any (significant) issues till he had a heart attack.  The woman who was “never sick” until she was diagnosed with cancer, etc.

The sad fact is, if we never have any health problems, 99.9% of us will never actively take care of our health.

We contrast that with the person who has a weak constitution or the people who have had a health issue.  I have patients in their 20s dedicated to caring for their health because they’ve seen how much it sucks to be sick.  They eat well because their body warns them quickly when they don’t.  They get enough sleep, because if they don’t it really affects them.

Often they see this as a weakness or a failure.  And from one perspective that’s true.  But I actually see the flip side, it’s a blessing in disguise.

With the exception of those few people who have won the genetic lottery, we can’t live long, healthy, happy lives without actively cultivating the basic health habits.

The health basics
1.  Eat real food, that isn’t toxic to us.  Enough to supply all the nutrition we need, but not so much it makes us fat or causes us problems.  Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules is a simple place to start.
2.  Stay physically and mentally active.  Most of us need to move more, a few of us need to move less
3.  Sleep – super underrated.  Too little sleep makes us fat, sick, and mentally sluggish
4.  Stress – stress isn’t just in your head, too much will break you physically and mentally
5.  Social support – some studies suggest isolation is as bad for us as heavy smoking
So, next time you want to curse your weak constitution, or the disease or syndrome you have, instead see if you can flip it around.  If that “problem” gives you the motivation to attend to your health, it’s a blessing in disguise.


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