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Treating infertility with low carbohydrate eating

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While our focus is on treating people with digestive issues and autoimmunity, a fair number of women come to see us who are having issues with their fertility.


There are a large number of things that can cause infertility but one of the biggest we are seeing right now is due to excessive insulin.

High insulin levels cause the ovaries to produce excess testosterone. While women need testosterone (just as men need estrogen) to feel and function well, normally they need only a tiny amount.

This excessive production by the ovaries in response to high insulin wrecks havoc on a woman’s body. It begins to masculinize her, with one of the most noticed symptoms being the growth of dark hairs on the upper lip and even the chin.

It also completely throws her menstrual cycle and ovulation out of whack and makes conception very difficult if not impossible.

Conventional treatment for this includes the drug Metformin and the use of IVF (in vitro fertilization) which is a very expensive, involved and time consuming procedure with a very modest track record.

Dr. William Davis recently published a short interview with Dr. Michael Fox a gynecologist who has begun to use a low carbohydrate diet with great success in treating infertility.

High insulin is caused by high blood sugar, and the primary cause of high blood sugar is excess carbohydrates eaten.

UPDATE:  We’ve come to see that that statement is a little too simplistic, but the fact remains that for many women reducing their total carbohydrates, especially of ultra-processed foods like flours and sugars makes a massive difference in their health and fertility

Therefore it makes perfect sense that treated with a very low carbohydrate diet would decrease blood sugars and therefore would decrease insulin which would decrease excessive testosterone production which would allow the menstrual cycles to normalize.

Dr. Fox claims around a 90% success rate when both the woman and the man strictly follow a very low carbohydrate diet.

I would add that we find the use of adaptogenic herbs such as THIS, complement a low carbohydrate diet by helping to normalize and reset the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis as well as helping to normalize cortisol and stress hormones.

Personally if I were dealing with infertility I would give a very low carbohydrate diet and the use of adaptogenic herbs a thorough try before resulting to IVF.

The experiences of many doctors in the field suggest this approach works very, very well at a fraction of the cost of IVF and is virtually without side effects, other than becoming generally more healthy.

To read the brief interview in full, find it HERE


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