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What I’m researching – TSH; Thyroid & Depression

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One of the great things about being an integrative doctor – one who takes the best from both natural and conventional medicine – is the constant learning opportunities!

What I’m researching right now.


What is the importance of TSH (the chemical the brain uses to control the thyroid)?

Does it do anything beyond the thyroid?

Does a suppressed TSH hurt your bones?

STUDY – Does a suppressed TSH negatively affect bones? “There was no significant correlation between TSH concentration and the various parameters we measured.”

STUDY – Another study with suppressed TSH and bones. “No significant decrease was detected in BMD or bone turnover markers according to TSH level or free T4 level. Also, the prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia was not different among groups.”

STUDY – Human hair (at least in women) has TSH receptors
STUDY – The skin has TSH receptors and even seems to produce TSH itself

STUDY – TSH helps pre-adipocytes (“baby” fat cells) turn into adipocytes (fat cells)
STUDY – Red blood cells have TSH receptors
STUDY – Kidney cells express TSH receptors
STUDY – Growth Hormone stimulates T4 to T3 conversion
STUDY – TSH to human thyroid, testicular, fat, adrenal, liver, kidney, pancreas, and lung cell membranes has been studied

STUDY – Cadmium (heavy metal) and PCBs are bad for the thyroid

Is sub-optimal thyroid function involved in depression?

STUDY – “Optimal thyroid function, beyond simply being within the normal laboratory values, may be necessary for optimal response to antidepressants.”
STUDY – Can T3 be used to improve the effect of SSRI’s (antidepressants)? Yes.
STUDY – Can T4 be used to improve the effect of SSRI’s? It seems so.
STUDY – Can antidepressants affect thyroid levels? “We observed that various antidepressants had different effects on thyroid hormone levels and this could be attributed to the different mechanisms of actions of these antidepressants.”

STUDY – The mineralocorticoid receptor which is normally involved in maintaining water balanced and blood pressure also affects mood! “Increased MR activity inhibits HPA-axis activity, promotes slow wave sleep, reduces anxiety and switches circuit connectivity to support coping.”

Tangent: Are antidepressants safe to use during pregnancy? Caveat: If you NEED them, please KEEP taking them. Otherwise, it looks like it’s best to wean off before getting pregnant.

STUDY – Are antidepressants safe during pregnancy? “Fetal exposure to SSRIs causes impaired intrauterine growth accompanied by alterations in the IGF-I and HPA axes. The findings may raise concern regarding maternal use of SSRIs during pregnancy.”
STUDY – More on antidepressants and pregnancy. Not good for the boys when they grow up. “…maternal postpartum fluoxetine increased anxiety-like behavior and impaired hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis negative feedback in adult male, but not female, offspring. Furthermore, maternal postpartum fluoxetine increased the density of immature neurons (doublecortin-expressing) in the hippocampus of adult male offspring but decreased the density of immature neurons in adult female offspring. Maternal postpartum CORT blunted HPA axis negative feedback in males and tended to increase density of immature neurons in males but decreased it in females.”

STUDY – Curcumin has antidepressant effects
STUDY – So does resveratrol


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