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Update on my Mom – #3

Note: This is a part of a series of posts about DrG’s parents, who both suffered from and ultimately passed away from serious health conditions – his mom from multiple myeloma, and his dad from complications from a severe stroke. Over the course of their illnesses, he put up these posts. DrG thought about removing them, but ultimately decided to leave them up in the hopes that they would help other people.


Thank you to all the people who continue to check in and ask how my mom is doing.

Unfortunately the news is not good.

After being readmitted to the hospital on Dec 17th, the surgical wound in her hip was re-opened and cleaned out. They implanted antibiotic beads into the wound itself and a drain (a tube that allows blood, pus, and fluid to drain out of the wound).

She was placed on IV antibiotics, and they eventually placed a PICC (a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter – which is a tube they place into an arm vein which goes into blood vessels by the heart. It can stay in place long term and makes it really easy to give various things intravenously – best for when it has to be done often and for a long time) because she will need antibiotics for the next 6 weeks.

She began to slowly improve. We had Christmas eve dinner in the hospital, and things were looking up.

She was finally discharged back to rehabilitation on January 30th.

Yesterday because of seepage from the wound and increasing pain she was readmitted to the hospital and today they reinserted the drain to allow it to continue to discharge.

Back to square one. Again.

All of your continued thoughts, well wishes and prayers are appreciated. We don’t know what the future will bring but are hoping we can break this vicious cycle of ending up back in the hospital to give her the best quality of life possible in whatever time she has remaining.


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