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What are the four types of bloating?

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In this Episode Dr. Gerstmar discusses:
-The four types of bloating
-Why there’s no one size fits all approach to bloating

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Hey Folks,

It’s Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health, and in this quick video, I want to talk to you about bloating.

Bloating is a super common symptom that people come to see us about, and many of the people we work with say they look and feel like they’re pregnant, they get so bloated.

In order to understand what to do about bloating, we need to understand the different kinds of bloating, and there are actually 4 different kinds of bloating we’re going to talk about today.

Are you ready?

Okay, the first type of bloating is what we call ‘fecal bloating’. Fecal or feces is the fancy medical word for poop, so it’s being bloated because you’re full of poop. Fecal bloating is going to be a firm type of bloating, and one of the key characteristics is that it’s much better after having used the toilet. So if your bloating builds slowly, reaches it’s worst before a bowel movement, you get the sensation that everything is building up, and each bit of food you eat is just adding to it, and then things are much better after you use the toilet, there’s a good chance you’re looking at fecal bloating. Also most people with fecal bloating are going to be constipated, but sometimes that’s not the case.

Ready for number two? Hah. Poop joke there. When you’re a doctor who deals with poop and bowel movements all day every day, you have to take your humor where you can find it.

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Okay, the second type of bloating is going to be gassy bloating. Gassy bloating is where you blow up like a balloon. The bloating tends to come on quickly (typically minutes to an hour or two after meals), and can be improved by a bowel movement but is generally made better by burping or farting it out. For most people with gassy bloating if they don’t eat, they don’t get bloated. The feel of the bloating is more like a balloon, not solid like a fecal bloat.

The third type of boating is inflammatory bloating. Unlike fecal bloating which is firm, and gassy bloating which is balloon like, inflammatory bloating tends to be squishier. It can come on very quickly after eating a reactive food, and isn’t better for pooping, burping or farting. It tends to fade away over time, and be more inconsistent, because if you’re not eating a reactive food you don’t get the bloating.

The last type of bloating is going to be neurogenic bloating. Big word there neurogenic. Neuro means nerves or brain in this case. Genic like Genesis means produced by, birth of beginning. So neurogenic means created by the brain.

I need to pause for a moment because saying something like this can really trigger a negative reaction for some people. When we say created by your mind that can mean two very different things.

On the one hand a lot of people who come to see us have been told by their doctors that what’s going on for them is impossible or is “all in their head” meaning it’s not real or they’ve made it up. So when we say something is neurogenic some people hear that as saying that it’s not real and they’ve made it up.

That is not at all what we’re saying here.

We’re using it in the second sense meaning what’s going on in your brain, in your nervous system is actually causing real symptoms to occur. You’re not making it up, imagining it, being a hypochondriac or anything else negative. What is occurring in your brain can cause physical changes in your body. So it is in your head, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake, it means your brain is awesome!

Studies of people suffering from IBS where bloating is a major symptom have shown that a subgroup have this neurogenic bloating. When their intestines were studied for how distended or bloated they were they were found to have normal levels of gas pressure and dissension, but when the people’s brains were scanned they found that their brains were interpreting these normal signals as problematic. Again, they weren’t making it up, their brains were interpreting the signals as being a problem, even when the signals were considered normal.

So it’s possible to have all the sensations of bloating, the pressure, the discomfort and pain, and all the rest not from what’s going on in the intestines themselves, but from what’s going on in the brain.

Alright, so there you have it…

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Four types of bloating. And yet another reason that there really is no one size fits all way to recover your health.

Each type of bloating requires a different approach to treatment, and that starts with a proper thorough evaluation of what’s going on for you, and once we know, we can build the right plan of care to help you.

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Until next time folks…Take care!


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