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What if you ate only what was advertised on TV?

From THIS Time Magazine article

To figure out exactly how unhealthy a TV-guided diet would be, researchers studied food commercials [during 100 hours of TV over a 1 month period in 2004].

Using only the foods advertised on TV they constructed a 2000 calorie per day diet and then analyzed it.

They found “it exceeded the government`s recommended daily amount of fat by 20 times and had 25 times the recommended daily intake of sugar.” Almost a month’s worth of sugar consumed in a single day. The diet also provided less than half the recommended daily serving of vegetables and fruits.

I would also guess that the vegetables and fruits it contained were primarily potatoes (French fries), ketchup, and fruit juices. I would be shocked if It contained any FRESH vegetables or fruits or even canned or frozen vegetables or fruits.

Marketing campaigns are notoriously effective in influencing people`s behavior. In 2004 food processors spent $11.3 billion dollars advertising their food-like products. The US Dept of Agriculture (not a paragon of healthy eating either but better than the food manufacturers) spent $268 million that year 2% of what the food processors spent.

The bottom line, paraphrased from a quote Adele Davis made many years ago, if you see “food” advertised in the media (TV, radio, in magazines, newspapers) don’t buy it.

The healthiest foods: vegetables, fruits, meats, wholesome dairy (no chocolate milk!), eggs, nuts, and seeds don’t have advertising budgets and don’t make food producers rich, but make people healthy.


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