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When it’s bad to cut out “junk” food

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I spoke with a person today with serious digestive issues – many food reactivities (“allergies”), chronic stomach pain, malabsorption/malnutrition, persitaltic dysfunctions. In other words a truly messed up digestive system. We hear this story on a regular basis.


After a lot of reflection this person had decided that they had some major addictions to what they were eating – wheat, sugar and starches. So they went off them cold turkey.

A good thing right?

It’s always better to give up wheat, and starches and sugar, right?

In digging deeper into this person’s story, I found that they had recently moved, losing their support network – family, friends, pets, and were feeling isolated and alone.

As a result they had turned to foods that were “comfort foods” for them.

Food had become a comfort mechanism for them (as it is for so many of us) and a mental-emotional-spiritual source of nourishment.

The patient said that their days were empty. Before they had been able to turn to food, now they had nothing.

So, is it a good thing to take away wheat, starch and sugar?

I, someone who routinely has people stop wheat and sugar and sometimes starches (for blood sugar control or to help weight loss) advised this patient to go back to wheat and starch and sugar.


Whenever possible nourish before removing

In the alternative or natural health community we are quick to pull things out – stop eating this or stop doing that.

And a lot of practitioners forget that these aren’t just foods or activities for people, they are intimately tied up in the persons mental-emotional-spiritual life.

Stopping pasta, may not just mean no noodles for a person, it may be severing them from their culture and from their childhood, their memories of their mom, and good times, and laughter.

I have a number of patients who tell me that food is their chief (and sometimes only) enjoyment in life. And, in my opinion, it’s criminal to take away people’s enjoyment unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So, first we focus on building the person up before removing.

For this patient I advised them to go back on their comfort foods and to focus that energy they were using to deprive themselves on building alternate sources of support and nourishment.

Volunteer somewhere that is meaningful for you.

Get involved in the community around you.

Get a pet (especially an older pet that needs your help).

Unleash your inner artist.

Fill yourself with so much nourishment, support and joy in your life that the loss of some foods is almost inconsequential.

Will this patient go off gluten and sugar and starch? Probably at some point, but not now.


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